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iCarly Season 3 Release Date: Confirmation on Renewal or Cancellation!

iCarly Season 3: Only halfway through the first season of the iCarly reboot, fans learned that Miranda Cosgrove’s Carly Shay and co. will return for another season on Paramount+. They haven’t been as fortunate in Round 2. With the Season 2 finale of iCarly set to broadcast on June 3, Paramount+ has yet to confirm a Season 3 renewal. That information, though, might be on the way soon, as showrunner Ali Schouten is already planning forward.

Schouten told Entertainment Weekly, “I feel that Season 2 is a lot more confident program.” “I believe we understand the show a lot better now, and we’re able to deal with topics that are a little bit more adult than some of what we were dealing with before.” I’m extremely glad that in this season, we were able to get into [what it’s like] to be a woman on the Internet and other such topics.”

The iCarly Season 3 Plot

The Season 2 finale’s cliffhanger speculated that “Creddie” shippers would ultimately get their way 15 years later. When Pearl accused Carly and Freddie of falling in love, neither of them disputed it. Schouten mentioned in her EW interview that Freddie was the final person Carly fake dated on the program. “Perhaps there was something that truly stuck there.” “Perhaps Carly hasn’t dated because she’s still hung up on Freddie,” she speculated. “On the other hand, one might say that Carly was simply working on herself and wasn’t all that terrific, and she wasn’t interested in dating.” So there are two perspectives. And I’m not sure either is absolutely incorrect.”

In terms of Season 3, Schouten suggested that they’ll “have to have Freddie and Carly deal with their sentiments, or lack thereof, now that it’s out there,” which “won’t be unpleasant at all.” “I think simply continuing to explore into the likelihood or not of that connection will have to be the emphasis at least coming back,” the showrunner stated.

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Cosgrove and Kress told EDaily !’s Pop on June 1 that they still have no clue whether “Freddie” will materialize. “I wish we had more concrete information, but it hasn’t even been formally determined,” Kress stated, referring to the finale as “a really crucial episode for the Freddie lovers.” However, in a separate interview with Access Hollywood, both actors stated that they would like their characters to end up together at some time.

Schouten also told EW that Harper’s thriving fashion career “on the design side, not simply the style side” will continue to be a part of her growth. She also mentioned Millicent’s new boyfriend (Finn Carr’s Derek Fox-Lubiner), which she believes “will continue to be exciting” if they’re “able to bring him back.”

iCarly Season 3

The iCarly Season 3 Release Date

The second season of the series began in April 2022, less than a year after the first season premiered in June 2021. It’s impossible to forecast a future production timeline in the absence of a formal renewal announcement. However, it’s probable that iCarly Season 3 will broadcast in early 2023.

The iCarly Season 3 Cast

The main iCarly cast also includes Nathan Kress (Freddie), Jerry Trainor (Spencer), Laci Mosley (Harper), and Jaidyn Triplett, in addition to Cosgrove (Millicent). There’s no reason to think any of them won’t return for a possible third season.

Though Jennette McCurdy’s Sam did not return to iCarly for any revival season, there is always the possibility – although a very small one. Season 2 included a slew of returning and guest stars, including some performers who reprised their roles from the original Nickelodeon show. Mary Scheer (Mrs. Benson), Josh Peck (Paul), Rachel Bloom (McKenna), Jeremy Rowley (Lewbert), and Mia Serafino (Pearl) were among them, as were other RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants.

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