How Does Rosita Die in The Walking Dead Comics and in TV?

How Does Rosita Die in The Walking Dead Comics: Fans have been obsessing over the ending and what happened to the group Rick Grimes cared for since The Walking Dead eventually came to an end. The alliance persisted and made them to the Commonwealth even without Rick guiding them or Michonne there to lead them with her sword, yet eventually, they would find this wasn’t a paradise. When Pamela, the leader, started a war, new alliances were established and individuals like Carol and Daryl stepped up to defend their communities.

Rosita, a comic book fan favorite had a significant part as another old guard member played by Christian Serrato. She, unfortunately, did not survive, leaving the program with one of its most tragic finales. Her demise was far worse in the novel, making the TV series death seem like a piece of cake.

How Does Rosita Die in The Walking Dead Comics

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How Does Rosita Die in The Walking Dead Comics?

Rosita’s death on television was nothing compared to what happened in Robert Kirkman’s comics. She struggled to find love there, combining her affection for Abraham with her connection to Eugene before falling pregnant by someone else. Nobody, however, could have anticipated readers’ reactions to her eventual destiny. When Alpha invaded the fairgrounds to start the Whisperer War, Rosita was one of the casualties.

In The Walking Dead #144 (by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, Cliff Rathburn, and Rus Wooton), the villain grabbed Rosita, murdered and decapitated her, and then marked the area with a collection of heads.

Ezekiel’s head was also in the border, but Rosita’s was particularly horrifying because Alpha had murdered a pregnant mother. The fact that Andrea had to sever Rosita’s zombie head in order to provide her with closure only made an already grim situation worse. By never allowing Rosita to experience happiness the way the show did for a little period of time, Alpha proved to be more terrible than the Walkers in this sense.

How Does Rosita Die in The Walking Dead Comics

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Rosita Had a Calm Death on TV

When things became violent at the Commonwealth, Rosita collaborated with Eugene and Father Gabriel to rescue the children. They were in a love triangle, which was humorous, but they were able to resolve it. Now, preserving Coco, the daughter she had with Siddiq, and the other kids were of utmost importance.

Sadly, as a herd caught up with them during the escape, Rosita was bitten by walkers. Many believed she was unharmed after escaping the rabid pack, but when she showed Eugene the bite mark on her neck, she confirmed that she was infected. Fortunately, she was able to have supper as she observed her friends and family preparing for survival.

She felt at ease in bed as Eugene attended to her since she was even more confident that Coco would be in good care. When she turned and died off-screen, she expressed her gratitude to him for being there to lay her down. Given that Eugene did love her, it was a subdued farewell based on adoration and affection.

Serrato suggested it to the creative team because she thought it would be a fitting send-off. She wanted a denouement that showed her heart but also emphasized the seriousness of this zombie apocalypse since she wasn’t into the stress of knowing if she’d be in spinoffs.


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