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Gay Rat Wedding Meme: The Crazy Outfit Meme Causes Confusion!

It has been revealed that one of the wedding guests plans to wear a frock inspired by the “Gay Rat Wedding” meme popularised by the PBS kids’ show Arthur.

HITC sheds light on the internet’s hottest trend, the strange situation that unfolded among the wedding guests, and the ongoing social media debate rife with conflicting opinions.

How did this particular wedding guest become associated with the “Gay Rat Wedding Meme,” and who is Harper Finkle?

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Gay Rat Wedding Meme Explained

Gay Rat Wedding Meme

In the 2019 debut episode of Arthur, titled “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone,” Mr. Ratburn, a middle school teacher, comes out as gay and marries his partner.

According to ABC News, the program manager for Alabama Public TV claimed the network decided not to run the episode due to the trust parents have in the station.

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Eventually, the outcry online turned the Arthur scenario into the now-iconic “Gay Rat Wedding” meme.

Some of the viral videos and articles address homophobia, while others are just hilarious.

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Women’s Strange Attire at an LGBT Event


In a recent case that went viral, a woman intended to attend an LGBT wedding party wearing an outfit inspired by the “Gay Rat Wedding” meme.

Her boyfriend expressed concern over her planned attire, and he asked the Reddit community for feedback on whether or not he was being unreasonable.

Using the “AITA for not letting my girlfriend wear her “unique” outfit to a wedding?” forum, the user “@harleygfproblem” revealed their predicament.

The guy started to elaborate on how his girlfriend Nat’s taste in clothing is “very much like Harper Finkle from Wizards of Waverly Place.”

Harper Finkle, portrayed by Jennifer Stone on the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place, is noted for the outlandish outfits she creates for the program.

Gay Rat Wedding Meme

“lots of little stuffed rats, pride flags, and a big ‘I SUPPORT GAY RATS’ on the front,” as @harleygfproblem put it, is how the offending garment was characterized.

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Online Debate Began To Heat Up

AmItheA**hole (AITA) is a subreddit where people share and discuss embarrassing or otherwise problematic experiences in the hopes of receiving constructive criticism.

You’re the a**hole (YTA), not the a**hole (NTA), everyone sucks here (ESH), and no a**holes here (NAH) are the four possible grades given by commenters to one another.

A user on Twitter going by the handle @AITA_online was the one who first posted a screenshot of the Reddit forum and started the thread that has now attracted hundreds of comments.

It has been suggested by several users that the initial poster, @harleygfproblem, was wrong to question why the man was ordering his spouse how to dress.

Others, however, think the wedding guest should not have suggested such an outrageous costume.

As of January 29th, in a Twitter Poll including all rating variants, the option “NTA – GF is” was leading with the most votes.



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