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El Dragon Season 3: Are We Getting It or Not in 2023? Know Here!

A drama TV series in Spanish called Return of a Warrior debuted on Univision. On September 30, 2019, the program premiered on Univision. Since October 2019, it has been available for global Netflix viewing.

The primary season is one of the top 10 Mexican Netflix shows in terms of popularity. Miguel Garza, an unrepentant alcoholic, is the center of the arrangement. He can’t get to his alluring features.

El Dragon Season 2 Recap

Let us know what transpired in the previous season of the well-known criminal drama El Dragon before we watch the new season. As we witnessed at the season’s conclusion, Adela was unable to endure, therefore the season came to a heartbreaking end. Miguel, who had grown to be the strongest of all, was prepared to confront the final battle.

el dragon season 3

El Dragon Season 3 Plot

The sitcom follows Miguel Garza (Sebastián Rulli), a character who, due to his physical allure and peculiar personality, draws everyone who meets him. He comes to the conclusion that no one can challenge his elegance and that everything revolves around him. He is not just handsome, but also smart, and a successful businessman.

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Despite the fact that everything seems to be working to elevate Miguel to the top of the world, we can now assume that in the upcoming season Miguel will have to deal with some obstacles placed in their path. Miguel’s worst enemy will undoubtedly be ambition. Numerous Italians and Russians are providing him with opportunities for illicit work, as can be seen. No matter what, Miguel will defend and uphold his position.

El Dragon Season 3 Release Date

El Dragon Season 3 is rumored to debut sometime in 2023, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Since it debuted in 2019, El Dragon has quickly risen to the top of the television ratings.

el dragon season 3

El Dragon Season 3 Cast

  • Adela Cruz, formerly Renata Notni
  • The part of Kenia will be played by Sophia Castro.
  • As Miguel Garza, Sebastian Rulli
  • Epigmenio Moncada, Roberto Mateos
  • Chisca Garza, Cassandra Sanchez Navarro in real life
  • As Carlos Duarte, Javier Gomez
  • As Jimena Ortiz, Irina Baeva
  • Being Claudia, Natasha Dominguez
  • A.K.A. Valentin Soria, Ruben Sanz
  • As Herctor Bernal, Manuel Balbi

What We Can Expect from El Dragon Season 3

People want to know when this “Spanish Breaking Bad” third season will be released. El Dragon: The Return of the Warrior or just El Dragon are worth checking out if you’re seeking anything resembling Breaking Bad. Miguel learns in the previous season that his grandfather has Alzheimer’s. It’s sad that there hasn’t been any official announcement or movement in the construction of El Dragon season 3.

el dragon season 3

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Lamberto presses Miguel to come to an arrangement with the company and reminds him that he must choose whether or not he will be the union’s leader. There is still time for fans since the show’s official cancellation has not yet been made public. If the series were to include the third chapter, it’s possible that a new character would be revealed. In the future, Miguel will have to deal with a lot more crime and illegal labor, so fans should prepare for that. The third season of El Dragon, however, is beyond our ability to foretell.

The popularity of El Dragon Season 3

El Dragon’s second season is currently drawing a larger audience. Since the first time it was broadcast, the program has grown its fan base and reached a considerable audience. There is a lot of excitement among the show’s viewers for the upcoming episode, and there has been talking of a potential third season.

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El Dragon Season 3 Trailer

The third season of El Dragon doesn’t yet have a trailer. When a trailer is ready, we’ll let you know.


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