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Do Revenge 2 Release Date Updates: Will There Be a New Season in Middle of 2024 ?

The conversation surrounding Do Revenge 2 will contain spoilers as it addresses whether there will be a follow-up to the Netflix picture.

The teen film, which was influenced by Strangers on a Train, is already regarded as the top teen film of the summer. And some viewers have already thought of the movie as a sort of sequel. This is due to portions of Sarah Michelle Geller’s language being rewritten by the movie’s screenwriter, Jennifer Kaitlin Robinson, as a follow-up to Cruel Intentions!

Will, There Be Do Revenge 2?

Netflix has not made a sequel’s existence official. This is not unusual because Do Revenge was only launched on September 16. Netflix needs to know how many people watched the entire film over a certain amount of time before making a decision. In truth, the first 28 days after the movie’s release are critical for viewers to see it.

Do Revenge 2

Currently, Netflix totals the viewership data. If a big audience watches Do Revenge, the likelihood of a sequel increases. However, Netflix also considers additional factors when making judgments, such as production costs and whether there is more to the story.

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We don’t think production costs will be a problem given that the first movie’s reported budget was $10 million, which is significantly less than what it typically costs to produce a Netflix movie. The budget for a Do Revenge 2 would probably be similar to that of the original. But what might the plot of a sequel look like?

Do Revenge 2 Sequel Cast

Numerous celebrities could make a second appearance in the movie. Probably returning for the sequel are Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke, Austin Abrams, Sarah Michelle Geller, and others. Additionally, there will probably be a few additional additions. Who do you hope to see in the follow-up? Could Cruel Intentions have a sequel?

Do Revenge 2

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Do Revenge 2 Release Date

If a sequel is approved, it might be released as soon as next year, but because there doesn’t appear to be a pre-production phase, we might have to wait until the middle of 2024. Optimists may even want to mark their calendars for a release at the end of 2023.

Do Revenge 2 Plot

At a tennis camp that both Drea (Mendez) and Eleanor (Hawke) are attending for various reasons, they unintentionally cross paths. Max (Abrams), Drea’s wealthy Casanova boyfriend, publicly humiliated her, which severely damaged her and threatened to ruin her promising career. Eleanor makes friends so that she would have a familiar face when she starts school at Rosehill, Drea’s school.

Do Revenge 2

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They fiercely discuss how they must get even with Max and Carissa, the young women who exposed Eleanor and charged her with spreading defamatory rumors about them. Drea proposes a ridiculous scheme for them to achieve their goals. While Drea targets Carissa, Eleanor goes after Max.

They might evade suspicion in this manner and enjoy the satisfaction of killing their adversary. Eleanor concurs, thus the plan is in motion. Everything goes according to plan until the Shyamalan twist in the third act, which truly surprises you.



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