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Chesapeake Shores Season 7: Need Answers For The Final Season

We’ll find out who Abby (Meghan Ory) called, which is wonderful news. The unfortunate news is that Chesapeake Shores will only have 10 more episodes.

The Hallmark Channel drama’s sixth and final season, which also stars Robert Buckley, Treat Williams, Barbara Niven, Laci J. Mailey, Emilie Ullerup, Brendan Penny, and Andrew Francis, will hopefully address most of our unanswered issues.

Consider the final phone call: Bree (Ullerup) probably won’t let Abby elude the details for very long. The fifth season of the show ended with one of the O’Brien family members suffering a heart attack, therefore there can be no further delay in finding a solution. (Since the actor is coming back, we believe it is safe to assume he lives.)

Abby Picked Evan Or Jay?

In the Season 5 finale, Jay (Greyston Holt) acknowledged that he had feelings for Abby but was also interested in someone else and wanted to know if there was hope. Evan (Buckley) also asked Abby out on “a full-on date” (after some initial uncertainty). I’m not sure whether I want to be with any of them,” Abby said to Bree at that point. Right now, I’m not sure if I want to be with anyone.

Chesapeake Shores Season 7: Need Answers For The Final Season

She did, however, leave the following voicemail for someone when we last heard about her romantic life: “I have been thinking about you and I believe maybe we should give this a shot.” Who then did she dial? Will that decision be upheld till the series’ conclusion?

How Will Connor Be Affected By His Heart Attack?

Let’s be honest (or at least hopeful): Francis isn’t coming back so that Connor may pass away in the hospital, and it would make for a depressing conclusion to the O’Brien saga if it did. So let’s imagine that rather than Connor having a heart attack when he and Margaret (Raylene Harewood) shared a kiss to finish the fifth season, Connor is going to transform. Margaret has been a great addition to the series; hopefully, she sticks by his side going forward both personally and professionally. Also, the rest of the family can be impacted by his near-death experience.

Is It A Concern That Mick Is Using Painkillers?

Mick (Williams) suffered just minor wounds, including a fractured arm, after crashing his aircraft, or, as he expressed it, making a “required urgent landing.” The conclusion made a point of displaying him taking pills, alone, which on television typically portends trouble.

Do Mick And Megan Have A Future?

Chesapeake Shores Season 7: Need Answers For The Final Season

Just as things were looking up for Mick and Megan (Niven), including a planned trip around the world, her ex, Carter (Barclay Hope), came visiting with a job offer in Los Angeles. She might have been ready to turn it down, but after Mick pushed her, she came up with an alternative: She works for a year, then takes six months off for traveling.

Not only was Mick envious, but he also admitted, “Trust you not to leave me again?,” which caused old wounds to reopen. I’m not sure if I can. Something tells us that before those two can ever consider living happily ever after, it will take more than one traumatic talk.

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David Must Decide How To Handle His Father’s Legal Issues.

If you ask David’s (Carlo Marks) father, he had some unfortunate investing luck. He is wanted by the government for wire fraud and embezzlement, if you ask them. Dennis (Malcolm Stewart) spent all of David’s trust money in the epilogue before leaving the country. How will David proceeded with the problems of his family? Will he rely on Jess (Mailey), his wife?

Will Bree And Luke Now Experience Trouble-Free Sailing?

Chesapeake Shores Season 7: Need Answers For The Final Season

It appears like Bree’s love life may have finally encountered some luck. Despite being on parole, Luke (Stephen Huszar) has obviously changed for the better and proved that he wasn’t lying when he said he was clean despite a positive drug test. (Connor really delivered.) Will they, however, last? Will he further become involved with the O’Brien clan?

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Will Trace Come Back?

Jesse Metcalfe’s departure from television in 2021 was among the most startling because Trace on Chesapeake Shores decided to quit the community. Just when it appeared as though they would restart their connection, it signaled the end of his and Abby’s relationship.

However, have they truly said goodbye to one another for good? It seems like the ideal time for Trace to make a comeback to stir up some controversy with the series coming to a close and Abby maybe starting a new relationship with Evan or Jay.



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