Will There Be a ‘big Shot’ Season 3? Everything You Need to Know

Big Shot Season 3: The second season of the Disney+ Original Series “Big Shot” debuted on Disney+ in October 2022. The program has been well-received by both viewers and critics, and as the second season draws to a conclusion, many are wondering if “Big Shot” will return for a third season. Continue reading to learn all we know about Big Shot’s third season.

All About Big Shot?

In the second season of “Big Shot,” Marvyn Korn (Stamos) returns to Westbrook with a renewed determination to prove that his girl’s basketball team belongs in D-2 and that he is still the same championship-winning juggernaut coach he was in the NCAA.

The Westbrook Sirens have struggled this season. Marvyn’s most recent strategy to get popularity is to get his squad on ESPN. In order to do this, he recruits an unexpected player: Ava (Echeagaray), a courageous beach volleyball star whose public outburst caused her to be expelled from the sport.

Their assistant coach, Holly Barrett (Gilsig), left to a rival school; there were new concerns among teammates, they became close to males out of the blue, and there were unexpected off-court troubles.

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Big Shot Season 3

Big Shot Season 3 Release Date

The third season of Big Shot is expected to premiere on Disney+ in November 2023 or January 2024, despite not having been officially renewed for a third season.

Season 1 of Big Shot premiered on April 16, 2021. The series received ratings of 78% from Rotten Tomatoes, 7.5/10 from IMDb, and 4.5/5 from Common Sense Media. Even though the series performed quite well, a second season has not been announced. The series was subsequently renewed for a second season beginning in September 2021.

In the previous season, episodes were released weekly, but for the upcoming season, the first 10 episodes will be released all at once to facilitate binge-watching.

Big Shot Season 3 Plot

Even if Big Shot Season 3 is not confirmed, it would likely include the same people in a plot set in the future, or it may see cc instructing another group of kids from the all-girls school. Girls have distinct ideas and objectives in comparison to his former classmates.

Marvyn Korn (John Stamos), a grouchy and erratic basketball coach, is sacked from the University of Wisconsin for his misconduct with the referee and coerced into working as a coach at an all-girls high school in California dubbed Westbrook School in order to restore his image.

In the first season, it is revealed that Marvyn Korn (John Stamos) has a daughter with his ex-wife, who left him because all he worried about was basketball. It also depicts some conflict or competition between him and Terri Grint (Toks Olagundoye), a fellow coach who abhors his presence.

He makes an attempt to participate in formal and unofficial team practice. He also requests that his daughter go to California with him. Additionally, Harper (Darcy Rose Byrnes) uploads a video of him describing him as a caring man. The season essentially illustrates the coach’s and team’s collective and individual development.

The second season has not yet been released, however, it will continue the same plot as the first. Therefore, let’s hope it is at least as fantastic as the first season, which established the series’ fan base.

Big Shot Season 3

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Big Shot Season 3 Cast

Season 3 of the Big Shot television series would likely use the same actors as season 1, as the plot would just continue.

  • John Stamos (Marvyn Korn)
  • Nell Verlaque (Louise)
  • Jessalyn Gilsig (Holly Barrett)
  • Sophia Mitri Schloss (Emma)
  • Monique Green (Olive)
  • Tiana Le (Destiny Winters)
  • Cricket Wampler (Giggles)

Big Shot Season 3 Trailer

Since Season 3 of Big Shot has not been officially announced, there is no official trailer or teaser for the upcoming season. The trailer and teaser for the upcoming season of Big Shot, as well as the first season of the series, are available on Disney, Hotstar, and YouTube.




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