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Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Recap: Everything You Need To Know!

Yachties, welcome back to the Med! Yes, it’s time for Below Deck Mediterranean’s seventh season. It’s also time to make a clean break. That implies a new location on Malta, a tiny island. (It is located off Sicily’s coast.) M/Y Home replaces the Lady Michelle as a new vessel. Captain Sandy Yawn will have a brand-new crew to oversee.

The turnover is positive in certain respects. (See underneath.) I’m beginning to yearn for a little more consistency, though, in other areas. Two years have passed since Kate Chastain and Hannah Ferrier both abruptly left the Below Deck world.

In my opinion, the programs still haven’t completely recovered from the departures of the two principal stewarts. Personally, I believed Katie Flood would be a fantastic, long-term successor for Hannah as the face of Below Deck Med because I really enjoyed her in the previous season. However, we now have a ton of unfamiliar names to memorize. Ready?

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A Brand-New Crew

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Recap: Everything You Need To Know!

This season, we have a virtually whole new crew in addition to a new boat. In fact, Captain Sandy is the only recognizable face we see for the most of the hour. Which many fans still consider to be subpar. But hey, at least we won’t have to put up with Malia White this year?

(Sandy tells us that during filming, the despised bosun was serving as the commanding officer of another boat. The current press controversy over Bravo not paying Below Deck crew workers the same as Housewives, however, may have contributed to her absence.

We now have a swarm of fresh faces, including two that resemble one another almost perfectly. This year, M/Y Home’s galley will be overseen by brand-new chef Dave White. In many ways, chief stew Natasha Webb and stew Natalya Scudder are twins. That means it won’t be unclear during the entire season.

Kyle Viljoen, a male stew, completes the interior as Natalya’s co-second stew. There is no hierarchy here! After Malia left, Captain Sandy’s hired Raygan Tyler as a replacement for the female bosun. who currently just has Jason Gaskell on board as a deckhand. The others, one of whom is a familiar face, are still quarantined for an additional day. However, since there are now two fewer individuals for me to keep track of, I really don’t mind.

A Brewing Boatmance?

It becomes clear right on that Chef Dave and Natasha are acquainted. And their flirting already has echoes of the covert affair that Malia and Chef Adam Glick had in Season 2. (Continually regarded as one of the top seasons in the franchise.) Or Adam and Jenna MacGillivray from Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s first season. However, they’re not even attempting to conceal it! Unless they are?

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Recap: Everything You Need To Know!

They do acknowledge that they recently finished a month-long project together on another yacht. However, when they are alone, their bond may be more intense than they are putting on to the rest of the team.

One cabin must be coed when there is an uneven ratio of men to women. And Natasha arranges things so that Dave and her will live together for the duration of the season. Interesting.

They already have a practice of bringing each other coffee in the morning, and they can get a little sensitive in the galley when they’re “just friends.” By the end of the show, Kyle directly asks his new chief stew how long she’s been dating the chef, and Natasha refuses to answer. But later that evening, in private, she queries Chef Dave about his, well, “want to screw.” So yeah, this will be a complete thing.

Bosun Raygan: The main enemy

On first glance, the majority of the crew look to be fairly competent, but Raygan stands out as the one exception. As the first charter begins, her department is already at a disadvantage because of the quarantine and the loss of two deckhands. However, she does little to improve the situation.

The female bosun comes across as dispersed, disjointed, and—worst of all—lazy. She delegated everything, and I do mean everything, to poor Jason instead of putting in extra effort. While she takes smoke breaks and declines to carry the guests’ bags because it’s “too heavy,” he is working alone to keep the deck team afloat. By noon, Jason is already tired of serving as Raygan’s personal pack mule and scolds her in the galley.

When you think things can’t get much worse, Raygan also manages to enrage the co-primary. (He inquires about the guests using the jet skis and is not amused by her hesitating, uninterested replies.) When the main complains to Kyle, Captain Sandy is eventually brought in to resolve the situation. However, it’s too late; the main is furious and has blatantly identified Raygan as his “enemy.” Outstanding start, Bosun!

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Mzi to the Rescue

A tender brings the last two deckhands to the boat during dinner on the first night. Please have a look at that. It’s Mzi Dempers, who was in the previous season. It seems strange that he was asked back, but the greenhorn presumably didn’t want so much of a raise as he was new to yachting last season. He also took Storm Smith, a friend from his youth, along. who’s only distinguishing feature so far is the magnificent mustache on his face.

It’s wonderful to see someone other than Captain Sandy who we already know on this show. She is very pleased to meet Mzi, and she immediately assigns him the task of coordinating the boat accident.

Jason is undoubtedly relieved to have some assistance as well. Chef Dave, meanwhile, has his first serving of beef cheeks tossed back to the kitchen because he used an aromatic cinnamon stick in the dish. But even if the primary detested the thought of cinnamon with beef, it wasn’t on his list of preferences.

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Are We Crashing?

It’s time for a reset the next morning. The entire crew is now present. Hope the second day goes better than the first. However, Raygan finds himself in trouble once more first thing in the morning.

This time for not having Captain Sandy’s anchor watch schedule prepared. And for not providing all of the guests’ water toys. Because you are aware of Captain Sandy’s feelings on water toys if you have been watching this show for more than a few episodes.

Raygan is not, however, the day’s most pressing issue. The ship begins to rock violently just as breakfast is over (with no complaints this time!). Furthermore, it goes beyond the incoming swells. M/Y Home’s stabilizers are out of control. which, to be completely honest, I had no idea a motor yacht had.

However, now that they’re not working, the boat is violently rocking back and forth. The crew members then start cursing. Visitors are in a panic. Everything, including pots, pans, drinks, glassware, and other items, is falling to the floor below deck. Not a fantastic way to begin the year. However, the supersized premiere naturally concludes with a “To Be Continued…”



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