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Below Deck Med Season 7 Release Date: Confirm or Cancelled! Check Here!

Below Deck Med Season 7

Below Deck Med Season 7: Over the previous few seasons, summer has become Below Deck Med’s season. As Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 draws to a close, information about Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 is at best spotty.

The good news is that the Below Deck spinoff starring Captain Sandy Yawn will return for a second season. Last month, Bravo announced the addition of Below Deck Adventure Season 1 and Below Deck Season 10, both of which will premiere this autumn.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Story

After what happened in season 6, Captain Sandy will invite new people to join the crew in season 7. This is because the crew is short on people right now. Some Maltese fans of the show say that we can also expect a story about Maltese since the crew was seen working in Mellieha.

Also, the way Season 6 ends shows that the current crew seems to be working well together. So, it will be even more interesting to see who starts fights and stirs up trouble. Still, we will see a crew of deckhands, stewards, and a chef trying to deal with their wealthy guests’ never-ending drama and requests.

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Below Deck Med Season 7 Cast

As was already said, Season 6 was special because a lot of the cast members had never been on the show before. The only “Below Deck” stars to come back were Captain Sandy Yawn and Bosun Malia White. For the first time in the show’s.

The crew is, of course, led by Captain Sandy. She is a smart, outspoken, and tough leader in an industry where men are the majority. Captain Sandy told Bravo that being a woman captain in this field is “hard and inspiring.” “In the world of yachting, which is mostly dominated by men, being able to do more than one thing at once and deal with the emotions of the crew is a huge asset. Because I made this choice, I’ve been able to do great things.”

In the past, former head stewardess Hannah Ferrier, chef Ben Robinson, chef Adam Glick, and stewardess Brooke Laughton were the show’s biggest stars.

Below Deck Med Season 7 Release Date

As was said above, Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s third season is coming to an end, and the last episode will air on Monday, June 20. So, the reunion show will probably air on Monday, July 4, and Monday, June 27. Not much is known about the season 3 reunion of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. But with all the drama this season, it seems likely that the reunion show will be split into two parts.

So, the 7th season of Below Deck Mediterranean should start on Monday, July 11. The drop date for Below Deck Med won’t change, even if Below Deck Sailing Yacht only has a one-part reunion.

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Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Recap

We’ve seen beautiful places around the world for the past six seasons, like Greece, Italy, France, Spain, and now Croatia. The show has also talked a lot about the fights and drama that happen between crew members and guests or between crew members. And despite all the problems, we see the crew deal with the drama and demands in some of the most interesting and sometimes hilarious ways.

In particular, we find out in the last episode of Season 6 that Captain Sandy took the crew out to dinner to celebrate the end of a good season. We can’t forget, though, that the sixth season was mostly about the crazy drama between Lexi Wilson and Mathew Shea. Because of this, the Captain had to fire Lexi, leaving Katie and Courtney as the only two people in charge of the inside of the ship.

Below Deck Med Season 7 Trailer

Below Med’s seventh season doesn’t have a trailer yet. you can watch the last season below.

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