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Aoashi Season 2: Is Popular Football Anime Series Reveal in This Winter?

The final episode of Ao Ashi’s first season has just finished airing on NHK Educational TV, which just aired a well-liked program. Despite the fact that Ao Ashi Season 1 had just been released, we know that fans are already anticipating Season 2. We will provide you with all the information you need to know about this season of the well-known anime.

Fans may already be aware that Yugo Kobayashi is the author and illustrator of the manga series Ao Ashi, which was featured in Big Comic Spirits. After the first season of the animated television series, which debuted on April 9, 2022, came to a close, it is now appropriate to discuss Ao Ashi Season 2.

Aoashi Season 2 Plot

We don’t yet know what the second season of Ao Ashi would entail because we don’t yet know how many manga chapters it might eventually adapt. We don’t even know where the second season might go if it even happens, namely owing to a general lack of knowledge. A general synopsis of the show’s plot is provided below.

Aoashi Season 2

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Ao Ashi relates the tale of young Ashito Aoi’s encounter with football coach Tatsuya Fukuda during his third year at Ehime City Middle School. Fukuda encourages Ashito to join his team despite the fact that the gifted but difficult child is difficult to work with. This young man may transform football in Japan.

Aoashi Season 2 Release Date

Ao Ashi is a highly well-liked series, and given what we currently know, a second season is not ruled out, although we are unsure of its release date. Ao Ashi Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed, but since the first season just ended airing and the manga is still ongoing, there is a good potential that we will see it very soon.

Aoashi Season 2

The manga has been serialized in Shogakukan’s Big Comic Spirits magazine since January 5, 2015. Additionally, the same author’s spin-off work Ao Ashi Brother Foot has also been serialized there. An anime television series adaptation for spring 2028 has also been confirmed. This should all lead to the publication of Ao Ashi Season 2, in our opinion. You may anticipate high-caliber content from this anime because it was produced by Production I.G studio, directed by Akira Sato, and written by Masahiro Yokotani.

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Aoashi Season 2 Cast

Because we do not yet know whether there will be a second season of Ao Ashi, it is still too early to talk about the cast and characters of a prospective second season. We really don’t anticipate too many changes in the format of season two, if it ever occurs, given that we are aware that the cast of the show will be more-or-less permanent. Now, the primary characters from season one who will probably return for a second season include:

  • Atsushi Aoi
  • Featuring the voices of Kiki Ohsuzu, Ciaran Strange, and Eisaku Ohtomo
  • Tatsumaru Tachibana and Christopher L. Ramirez Sichir Tachibana provided the voices for the characters.
  • Clifford Chapin, Seichir Yamashita, and Keiji Togashi provided the voices.
  • Featuring the voices of Taku Yashiro, Marcus D. Stimac, and Kanpei Kuroda
  • voiced by Ry McKe, Jun Martis Asari, and Shun Horie
  • voiced by Mitchell Stephens and Wataru Kat

Explained Aoashi Season 2 Renewal Status

The popular football anime series’ creators, Production I.G., have not yet formally renewed Aoashi for a second season, as was previously indicated.

Even still, there is still plenty of source material for the anime adaptation to convert into a second TV season, which is frequently what determines whether an anime series is renewed or put on indefinite hiatus.

Aoashi Season 2

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Up till volume 12 chapter 117 of Yugo Kobayashi and Naohiko Ueno’s original manga series, which will be adapted in Episode 24, is anticipated. The good news is that if the series keeps going at its current rate, there will be enough source material for not one, but two more anime seasons. As of September 2022, a total of 29 complete Tankobon volumes had been published in Japan.

And last, we believe that Aoashi should be well-liked enough to warrant a second season at Production I.G. An outstanding 8.1/10 on IMDB, 4.1/5 on Anime-Planet, 80% on Analyst, and 8.15/10 on MyAnimeList are being given to the show before to the season 1 finale.



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