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Ahsoka Release Date: Is Rosario Dawson Will Reveal in February 2023?

For fans of Star Wars, an Ahsoka Tano show has been long overdue. Ahsoka’s journey has been a high-climbing roller coaster with high highs (becoming one of the franchise’s most beloved and developed characters) and low lows since her debut as Anakin’s youthful Padawan in George Lucas’s final Star Wars project, the animated series The Clone Wars (receiving extremely contentious fan reactions).

The figure was conceived and created by artist Dave Filoni, who is currently Lucasfilm’s senior creative director, for the Clone Wars and was initially voiced by Ashley Eckstein.

Ahsoka Cast

Rosario Dawson will play the main character in this new series, which will have Ahsoka dealing with becoming a “hardened” version of herself as a result of a personal tragedy, as is obviously already known.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Dawson described what it’s like to take on the enormous task: “I adore that she is this roving character who will merely spread goodness over the planet. Due to its disintegration and high victimization rate, the Jedi Order has vanished in various ways.

ahsoka release date

Since the beginning, she has been drawn to follow the path of being watchful, bold, wise, and always focused on eradicating evil.

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Ahsoka Release Date

First, let’s address your most pressing concern. The live-action series from Filoni will premiere with The Mandalorian season 3 in 2019, while no specific release date has been given.

ahsoka release date

Dawson informed the crowd that she had just left the Ahsoka set to attend the Mando+ panel at the Anaheim convention during the Star Wars Celebration in May 2022. Therefore, it is generally safe to assume that Ahsoka will be made available on Disney+ following the release of The Mandalorian season three in February 2023.

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Ahsoka Plot

Since Filoni had been carrying the Ahsoka story around in his head for some time, he was eager to put it down on paper. It’s exciting, I have to tell you,” Filoni said to Empire (via StarWars.Net). “You’ve been picturing doing it for a while. When you’re sitting there and realize you have to do it, it’s quite unexpected. It’s interesting to see how this experience for Ahsoka has developed after spending a lot of time thinking about it.

ahsoka release date

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“Years ago, I never would have guessed that it originated from a tree branch that had anything to do with a man [like] Din Djarin or a young child that resembles Yoda. It’s a terrific lesson for me about how having other creatives on your team, like Jon Favreau, can add so much richness and dimension to your work.” The premise of Ahsoka is yet unknown, but Star Wars executives have announced that it would take place “inside the timeline of The Mandalorian.”

Ahsoka Trailer

Ahsoka has yet to receive a trailer or any early video. As more information becomes available, we will update this area.



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