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Twitter Responds to UK’s Panic Buying of Petrol with 15 Laugh-Out-Loud Memes

To see how Twitter users feel about the petrol shortage caused by the UK’s crazy panic buying tendencies, we provide you with the 15 best Petrol Shortage memes.

Below, we’ll take a look at a viral reporter’s answer to his trending tweet and the amusing responses to Britain’s alleged frenzy.

Top 15 Most Hilarious Petrol Shortage Memes

It would appear that Phil McCann, a reporter for the BBC, was the best choice to cover the topic of the gasoline crisis.

Get it? Rather odd, considering how eager drivers are to go to gas stations and fill up their tanks.

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British bar owners joked that they were out of beer in an effort to capitalize on customers’ knee-jerk reactions and increase sales.

How about another twist on the idea that people are compelled by their psyches to work in professions that sound like their names? This is known as nominative determinism.

Which of the Spice Girls still has access to gas?” The answer is “Geri can.”

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Another user attempted to put a humorous spin on the hysterical buying frenzy by referencing the classic children’s book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

Some people reacted to the drivers that wasted gas looking for gas by sharing a meme featuring the popular UK rapper Roll Safe.

When it comes to their vehicles, electric car owners can sit back and relax.

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Concerned consumers are warned to not just stock up on food and water, but also on other forms of defense.

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The government’s response to a purported gas and food scarcity was mocked in Boris Johnson’s parody accounts through the use of humorous made-up scenarios.

Some have even joked that a tweet by British MP Nadine Dorries will put an end to any last-minute shopping frenzy concerns.

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Buyers of toilet paper in 2020 are jokingly said to be in a panic and looking to make a product swap.

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Even fuel bags are the subject of internet-wide memes.

Then again, you could always just walk to your destination instead.

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U.K. Panic Buying: Twitter Responds

The same individuals who stocked up on toilet paper during the lockdown have been portrayed on Twitter as panicking and buying gas in an attempt to get them through.

There have been many who say that the UK is lacking common sense rather than energy.

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Twitter users’ angry comments featured lots of all-caps messages.

Is this scarcity genuine then? Shell Service Station, a subsidiary of the multinational oil and gas firm, took to Twitter to reassure its customers that they had plenty of fuel and asked them to “turn off the TV.”

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One possible outcome of this predicted shortfall was online education.

This is Phill Mccann’s Reply to His Trending Tweet

Phill McCann, whose name appeared in a number of humorous viral tweets, quickly responded to the jokes.

According to the BBC reporter, it’s just like being in ninth grade again.

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McCann’s fame spread to Twitter’s trending topics in the arts and culture sector.



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