Do Whitney Way Thore and Her French Boyfriend Still Together?

Who Is Whitney Thore Dating: Last season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, fans watched actress Whitney Way Thore embark on a new affair with a man she met online in Paris. Thore’s life is followed on TLC as she navigates career, family, and romance, as well as her friendships with Tal Fish and Heather Sykes, who also participate on the show.

Thore made repeated allusions to her new love interest in Season 9, but he did not appear on the show and was just known as “the Frenchman.” But, with the start of the new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life this week, fans are wondering if they are still together and if he will feature in any of the new episodes.

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Is Whitney Way Thore Still Dating Her French Boyfriend?

Whitney Way Thore admits that she is still seeing the Frenchman in a brand-new preview for the forthcoming season. The video, which is an excerpt from a future My Big Fat Fabulous Life episode, shows Thore and her ex-boyfriend Lennie Alehat talking about their relationships. Alehat will definitely feature in the upcoming season since Thore has engaged him to help her with the production of her online fitness videos.

In the footage, Thore and Alehat talk about their past collaborative endeavors. Thore says this at one point: “But I simply want to be clear that there is nothing strange about our connection. Nothing about it is improper.” She then affirms that she is still in a relationship by saying, “Luckily, my guy is extremely not jealous and very not worried about you.”

Who Is Whitney Thore Dating

Who Is the Mystery Frenchman?

Whitney has never revealed who she is seeing, although speculations claim that he is French rapper Nail Rayner. Nail Rayner was mentioned by Whitney, especially when his name was revealed in a phone tape that was shown after the show.

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He was teaching Whitney French when she noticed “Nail… calling” on her laptop’s Facetime window. He began keeping his movies private last year, giving admirers the idea that he was filming “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.”

Although neither TLC nor the actress has acknowledged this, he has supposedly been cast as Whitney’s mysterious lover. She had earlier stated that she began to feel something for her French tutor teacher in August 2021 and finally fell in love with him.


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