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Who Is Whitney Cummings Dating: Does She And Alex Barnes Truly Exist As A Couple?

American actress, comedian, writer, director, producer, host of a podcast, and stand-up comic.

At the University of Pennsylvania, Cummings was trained as a journalist before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a stand-up comedy career. She started her stand-up career in 2004, and since then she has frequently appeared on Chelsea Lately. She went on to create, produce, and star in her own sitcom after producing and appearing in NBC’s Whitney. It lasted for a total of two seasons before being cancelled. Cummings also created 2 Broke Girls, which began airing on CBS in 2011 and ended in 2017.

During her stand-up performances, she has talked about a few specifics regarding their relationship. Here, you may find all the information you require.

Whitney Cummings and Alex Barnes met as a result of the pandemic

During the epidemic, Cummings’ new love interest was veterinarian Alex Barnes. In their conversation with the comedian in August 2021, LIVE with Kelly and Ryan asked her about how she met her current beau.

Who Is Whitney Cummings Dating: Does She And Alex Barnes Truly Exist As A Couple?

She mentioned that it occurred at the start of the pandemic. Her foster dog attacked one of her pets, ripping the small dog’s eye out of its socket in the process. As soon as she realized what had happened, she was sent to a vet.

People were afraid of it nevertheless because it was the start of the pandemic. She went to a neighbor’s house after being turned away from a few veterinary clinics and finding that “no one was interested in helping me with his bleeding dog.”

Here’s the Instagram Post by whitneycummings

About Alex Barnes

Alex, a veterinarian, recognized me and came over. and began to assist me. He’s 31 years old and quite handsome,” she stated of her future suitor. The Schitt’s Creek actor Dan Levy and I are good friends. There were suspicions that veterinary professionals weren’t particularly beautiful. He declares, “I know what I’m doing.” We are dealing with a promising new set of young vets.

Cummings talked on her feelings when she first saw her lover for the remainder of the interview. Nevertheless, despite my stress, I was able to quickly take a picture of the bloody dog and send it to Dan.

Who Is Whitney Cummings Dating: Does She And Alex Barnes Truly Exist As A Couple?

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At the conclusion of the chat, the hosts and Cummings also talked about how the comic bought a rock climbing wall for her lover and installed it in her garden.

Cummings and Barnes continued speaking after their initial encounter. After a protracted amount of time, they at last began dating. They got together in July of 2021 and started dating.

Ex-Fiancé of Whitney Cummings

Early in 2017, Whitney Cummings connected with Miles Skinner, a Creative Director and Media Strategist, online and they started dating. Miles proposed to the comedian on her birthday in September of last year after they had been dating for more than a year. In a blog post, Whitney declared, “Today I got engaged. I have absolutely no issues with it! If you work on yourself, have confidence in yourself, and control your ego, you can find love on a dating app too.

Who Is Whitney Cummings Dating: Does She And Alex Barnes Truly Exist As A Couple?

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Here’s the Instagram video by whitneycummings

Early in 2020, Whitney and Miles announced they were breaking up permanently and broke off their engagement. In this Good For You podcast from February 2020, Whitney stated, “I am not wearing an engagement ring. The connection I had with you is over. Nothing shady or anxious. I won’t tell you this since no one will believe me, but I was totally unprepared for wedding planning and found the whole thing to be completely overwhelming.

She stated that all the wedding planning was too much for her to bear because of her mother’s stroke-related illness. The prospect of planning made me feel burdened and a little melancholy, “My mother’s health is in peril.” Wedding planning “should not be a full downer,” the comic said.



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