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Who Is Vikkstar’s Long Term Partner? Fans Celebrate as A You Tuber Gets Engaged Fans Celebrate.

Finally proposing to his girlfriend—whose name he hasn’t revealed—is Sidemen’s Vikkstar. The well-known English YouTuber, whose real name is Vikram Singh Barn, announced his engagement to his girlfriend on December 22 on Instagram.

He included a few images of the newlyweds in the post and wrote, “We got hitched! Here’s to many more! These years spent together have been fantastic.” In front of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Vikkstar was seen in images getting down on one knee to propose.

Additionally, he added candles and roses to the beach area’s donor.

The duo was also smiling broadly in the first photo as they posed for it. In the second photo, the online celebrity was seen down on one knee holding a ring while his engaged partner was shown looking shocked. Noah Beck, a midfielder for the soccer team, said, “Congrats, dude.

Who Is Vikkstar’s Girlfriend?

There are a number of pictures of Vikkstar and his fiancée on his Instagram account, despite the fact that he has kept his private life rather private.

She goes by the name Ellie Harlow, however, as of this writing, she has no publicly accessible social media accounts.

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He previously posted a selfie of the two of them cuddling up to one another with the message, “Low-quality photo, excellent quality couple.” Although it has long been known that Vikkstar has a significant one, she is not tagged in any of the photos, which may indicate that she would prefer to avoid the spotlight. In his most recent video, “Why my girlfriend isn’t on YouTube,” Vikkstar discussed his relationship.

Someone questioned Vikkstar about the absence of his fiancée from any of his videos during the video. The straightforward explanation is that she doesn’t want to be, he retorted. She doesn’t really care about having a large following. The two are believed to have been dating since 2019 and she occasionally appears on Vikkstar’s Instagram page.

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Once more, congratulations to the couple on their engagement news!



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