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Who Is Sharon Case Dating: The Relationship of Mark Grossman and Sharon Case in Real Life

Many followers of “The Young and the Restless” still yearn to see Sharon Collins and Adam Newman reunited on screen. Fans must make due with their real-life romance since the soap did not go in that way despite the characters’ slow-burn attraction to one another.

That’s correct, Sharon Case and Mark Grossman, who play Sharon and Adam, applied their on-screen chemistry to their own relationships. The two connected immediately away after meeting when Grossman was cast as Adam in 2019 (according to Soap Opera Digest).

Sharon is poised to lose her husband in an as-yet-unnamed way when Jordi Vilasuso leaves the part of Rey Rosales behind, despite the fact that the show flirted with a real Sharon and Adam romance intermittently until 2021.

Adam has since taken a different path with Sally Spectra (per Soaps In Depth). Therefore, one can never be sure about her future partner. Off-screen, Case and Grossman’s lives appear to be little more stable and less dramatic.

The Agonizing On-Screen Romance Between Adam and Sharon

Who Is Sharon Case Dating: The Relationship of Mark Grossman and Sharon Case in Real Life

The on-screen romance between Sharon Collins and Adam Newman has always had a slight toxicity to it. She was married to Nick, Adam’s half-brother, for a long time, to start. According to Soaps In Depth, Adam (at the time portrayed by Michael Muhney) was also the one who took Faith, Sharon’s daughter, when she was a newborn and gave her to Ashley Abbott. Ashley miscarried as a result of the fall Ashley took from some stairs due to Adam. Adam gave Ashley Sharon’s kid for this reason, leading her to believe it was hers.

Adam, who was feeling bad about it, consoled Sharon, who was inconsolable. Despite the cautions of those closest to her, this is when the two started dating. Even after learning the truth and receiving her kid back, Sharon still felt drawn to Adam (via Soaps In Depth). There was something there, but she set it away for a time.

Sharon helped bring amnesiac Adam home

After a while, Faith (played by Alyvia Alyn Lind and Reylynn Caster) developed into a teenager. At this point, Adam had been declared dead twice, and Sharon had come close to remarrying Nick twice.

When Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) discovered Adam (now portrayed by Mark Grossman) was still alive and in Vegas the second time around, he asked Sharon for assistance. He was going by the moniker Spyder, albeit he had no recall of his identity. As a result, Sharon assisted Victor in persuading Adam to return to Genoa City since, despite his amnesia, he still felt at ease around Sharon (via Soaps In Depth).

Who Is Sharon Case Dating: The Relationship of Mark Grossman and Sharon Case in Real Life

Even though Sharon and Adam attempted to get back together and even shared a bed when he regained his memories, she ultimately made the decision to wed Rey Rosales. In addition, Adam reconnected with Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan), his ex-wife, despite the fact that he watched from the sidelines as Sharon exchanged vows with Rey (via Soap Hub).

Mark Grossman and Sharon Case made an effort to conceal their relationship

In pictures they would share on social media when the two were working together, keen-eyed followers would spot Sharon Case and Mark Grossman huddling close and question if they were a couple or simply buddies.

When Case came on the podcast “90201MG” in 2021 to speak with Tori Spelling (Donna on “Beverly Hills, 90210”) and Jennie Garth, they finally discussed their relationship. At initially, they never truly confirmed or denied whether they were together romantically or not (Kelly on “Beverly Hills, 90210”).

Who Is Sharon Case Dating: The Relationship of Mark Grossman and Sharon Case in Real Life

Before she ever got the part of Sharon on “The Young and the Restless,” Case made an appearance on two episodes of “Beverly Hills, 90210” back in 1991. Case revealed a bit more about her real-life relationship as Tori Spelling fangirled, gushed, and acknowledged that she was a fan of Nick and Sharon’s union. However, she avoided naming any specific individuals.

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Sharon Case outlined her motivations for disclosing her connection

Ironically, it was the commencement COVID-19 guidelines that persuaded Mark Grossman and Sharon Case to acknowledge their attraction to one another.

The “90210MG” podcast quoted Case as saying, “We’re still not allowed to touch or kiss; we have to stand six feet apart, but if you are acting with someone in the storyline who you are in real-life quarantine with, which is the case with me, we can touch or kiss, yeah, so we have a couple of people on the show who can touch or kiss, that doesn’t mean we have to be in a storyline together but we could be,”

Jennie Garth inquired about her real-life dating status after she said that. We’ve never discussed it so openly, but Case remarked, “I guess the reason we eventually brought it up to the studio was mainly so we wouldn’t have to distance ourselves in case the show wanted to write us in together in scenes.”

Case and Grossman did, in fact, share some steamy kissing sequences with one another while other actors did not. This was the case when Chelsea, who was recovering from a stroke in a wheelchair and couldn’t communicate, envisioned Sharon and Adam kissing in front of her (via Soaps.com).

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Mark Grossman raved about Sharon Case

Who Is Sharon Case Dating: The Relationship of Mark Grossman and Sharon Case in Real Life

Mark Grossman commended Sharon Case with teaching him the ropes on how a soap opera, particularly “The Young and the Restless,” works when he initially landed his role as Adam Newman in 2019 (via Soaps In Depth).

He admitted as much on the “Dishing With Digest” podcast from Soap Opera Digest: “I was afraid.” I was utterly afraid, especially when I considered the talent of all the actors who had played Adam in the past and how crucial the role was to the program.

Grossman sought the advice of Case, a veteran of the show with more than 25 years, as a result. He asked her questions on everything related to the daytime during a casual lunch and received the answers he needed.

He admitted to Digest, “I had some chemistry with Sharon [Case].” “I questioned her endlessly while we were eating lunch. I just questioned her several times. She was fantastic, albeit I think she was trying to choke me. She was quite helpful, especially at first.”



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