Are Actors Colleen Reed and Cole Barnett from “Love Is Blind” Dating Right Now?

Who Is Colleen Dating: Hundreds of singles have joined the cast of Netflix’s hit reality dating series Love Is Blind over the years, but only the most resilient couples have survived the weeks-long social experiment.

On Wednesday, October 26, Netflix released the second batch of Season 3 episodes. Viewers will see an old flame reignited in the recently released episodes.

Colleen Reed and Cole Barnett struck up a promising friendship in the pods, but their romance was short-lived. Cole eventually proposed to Zainab Jaffrey, while Colleen married Matt Bolton. While it appeared that both parties had moved on from what happened in the pods, we’re not so sure anymore.

So, Colleen and Cole from Love Are Blind are dating now, right? The truth is out!

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Who Is Colleen Dating

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Are Colleen Reed and Cole Barnett from ‘love Is Blind’ Dating Now?

Love may be blind for some, but Cole has clearly revealed his real colors when it comes to romantic relationships. He’s stated on several occasions that if he met Zainab in the real world, she wouldn’t be his first choice. In fact, he’s exhibited physical attraction to his ex-connection, Colleen.

All five couples reunited for some fun in the sun in Episode 5. Cole then took advantage of the situation to take a shot at someone else’s fiancée.

Who Is Colleen Dating

Cole described Colleen as being “his kind” after a blatantly improper poolside interaction. Colleen went on to say that he was exactly the sort of man she’d pick on at a bar. Their flirtatious discussion proceeded under her man’s watchful gaze. Chaos quickly followed.

Colleen came up about the event in an October interview with USA Today, confirming that nothing is (or ever was) going on between her and Cole. She remembered feeling “extremely uncomfortable in the setting.”

“I addressed it by trying to make the environment agreeable and making kind comments,” she stated. Colleen claims that tensions amongst the trio have since subsided. She told the publication, “We talked about it, myself, Matt, and Zainab, and we’ve all gone on. I had no intention of trying to breach a line in any way.”

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