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Tom Sturridge Dating: The Sandman Actor and Alexa Chung Are Having a Summer of Love!

Tom Sturridge, who plays Morpheus/Dream in Netflix’s The Sandman, is currently the talk of the town because of his remarkable performance. The series is a TV version of the popular DC comic book that first appeared in the 1980s, and it has received raving reviews from both fans and reviewers.

The attention of supporters is undoubtedly also on Sturridge as they familiarize themselves with everything Dream. What is our current knowledge of the British actor’s life outside of the screen? To find out, keep reading.


The 1996 television rendition of Gulliver’s Travels, which was directed by his father and also starred his mother, was where Sturridge began his career as an actor. Vanity Fair and Being Julia marked his return in 2004. He appeared in BBC4’s A Waste of Shame in 2005 as William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke. In the 2006 psychological thriller Like Minds, often referred to as Murderous Intent, he portrayed Nigel.

tom sturridge dating

In spite of Alex’s protests, Nigel and Alex are assigned to live together in the same room in the story, which is portrayed by Eddie Redmayne. When Nigel is murdered, Alex is held responsible because he is appalled and yet captivated by the ritual-influenced killings that start to happen around them.

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Tom Sturridge Is Dating

Alexa Chung, a British author, model, and fashion designer, is reportedly Tom Sturridge’s girlfriend. The alleged couple was seen on July 3 at Wimbledon sitting courtside. E! News reports that at the athletic event, Sturridge and Chung were seen making out. They were caught on camera engaging in PDA, and E! News published the images.

tom sturridge dating

Sienna Miller, who is now dating Sturridge’s ex-fiancé, was also seen at the event and was seated in front of them. Both couples appear to have gone out on separate dates. Since they were photographed together at the American Woman premiere party during the 2018 Toronto Film Festival, we were confident that Sturridge and Miller had no animosity toward one another. However, it still surprises me to see them out together, particularly with their new companions.

tom sturridge dating

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However, this is the second time Sturridge and Chung have been sighted together. Neither of them has publicly acknowledged their connection. They were seen hanging out together at Glastonbury Festival on June 27. It’s very clear Sturridge and Chung are dating following their most recent outing on July 3, even though the snapshot presented may not prove they are romantically connected.

How Do Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller Get Along Now?

Apparently out with Sturridge and Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Tom Sturridge’s ex-fiancée, was also photographed at Wimbledon. Miller and her new lover, Oli Green, sat in front of Tom and Alexa. Even though they were formerly in a relationship, there has never been animosity between them. Being together in this way with their new partners and seeing them both is unexpected.

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Past Relationships of Tom Sturridge

At various points in his life, Sturridge has been in relationships. Between 2011 and 2015, he was romantically linked to actress Sienna Miller; they even got engaged at one point. In addition, Marlowe, their lovely daughter, is a joint child. Who’s Dated Who revealed that Sturridge has also dated Maya Hawke from Stranger Things, Juliette Buchs from France, Abigail Breslin from Scream Queens, and Camilla Belle from acting.

tom sturridge dating

The Sandman, which debuts on Netflix on August 5, stars Tom Sturridge.



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