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Who is Tinsley Mortimer Dating? Know About Her Boyfriend

Tinsley Mortimer Dating

Tinsley Mortimer Dating: Tinsley Mortimer is an American socialite and TV personality whose net worth is $35 million. Tinsley Randolph Mercer was born in August of 1975 in the state of Virginia. Her father is a rich investor in real estate, and her mother is a designer of rooms. She comes from Thomas Jefferson’s family. She got her degree in art history from Columbia University.

Who is Tinsley Mortimer Dating?

Tinsley Mortimer and Scott Kluth met in 2017, but things quickly went from good to bad between them. Scott finally insisted on proposing to Tinsley in Chicago, where she had moved to be with Kluth after they had broken up twice. Tinsley left her life in New York City and RHONY. When word got out that the couple had broken up earlier this year, almost everyone was shocked.

Leah McSweeney tells it like it is, while Tinsley stays out of the way. Leah said that she thinks Tinsley “ducked a bullet” and that she and the other women are all looking forward to having her back if she decides to come back. Mortimer hasn’t said if she’ll come back to the show, but her former co-stars are happy to have her back.

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Engaged No More!

Carole Radziwill set Tinsley up with Scott while they were filming RHONY. It was sweet to see Tinsley fall in love with Scott. People watched their first date, which was full of flirting and laughter. They seemed to get along well, and they even ended the night with a quick makeup session.

Tinsley Mortimer and Scott were together for four years, but they broke up twice, so it’s safe to say that things weren’t always easy. Us Weekly says that Tins and Scott began dating in February 2017, broke up eight months later, got back together, and then broke up again in June 2018.

Tinsley and Scott got engaged in November 2019, and it would have been great to see them live happily ever after. However, they broke up in March 2021, which shocked almost everyone, including Tinsley. “Tinsley feels like she wasted four years of her life on Scott,” a source told Us Weekly, and we don’t blame her one bit!

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It’s Over

Scott’s friends say that he wanted to break up with Tinsley a lot sooner than he did, which still doesn’t make him look great. A source told Page Six, “Her idea of when they broke up is obviously different from Scott’s, but Scott told her that they broke up months ago.”

The article also says that the two people were together and apart a lot. A source said that it seemed like Tinsley stayed with Scott even though they kept breaking up and getting back together because she left RHONY and wanted things to work with him.

The article went on to say that many of Tinsley Mortimer’s friends knew about the “unhealthy pattern” that Scott has been putting Tinsley through for the past four years. However, it looks like the socialite was willing to leave everything behind just for a chance at things working out.

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