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Mbappe Dating: Is Kylian Mbappé Dating a Transgender Model? Check Here!

Mbappe Dating

Kylian Mbappe, a star for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), is rumored to be dating Ines Rau, the First Transgender Model to grace the cover of Playboy.

Mbappe reportedly attended the Cannes Film Festival with Rau and was subsequently spotted carrying Rau aboard a luxury yacht, as reported by Italian news site Corriere Dello Sports.

First appearing in Playboy in 2014, transgender model Rau made history when she graced the cover in 2017.

For some reason, Rau’s inclusion on the cover drew criticism at the time. “We should collectively be striving for a more open world, not one that fosters intolerance and a lack of inclusion,” said Cooper Hefner, son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

In an earlier interview for Playboy, which ETOnline has now republished in full, Rau claimed, “I spent a long period without announcing I was transsexual.”

There were many dates that I almost forgot about. I worried that I would never find a lover and that people would think I was weird if I did. So then I told myself, “You know, you should simply be who you are. The freedom to openly discuss personal identity issues, such as gender or sexual orientation, is liberating.

People who turn their backs on you are not worth your time. To be liked by others is not the point; loving oneself is.

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She continued, “I was remembering all the tough times in my youth when I was shooting this shoot.

Everything that’s happening right now fills me with such elation and delight. My first reaction was, “Am I really going to be a Playmate — me?” It’s the loveliest praise I’ve ever had. Like receiving a huge bouquet of flowers.

In the meantime, Mbappe has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately due to his actions on the field of play.

According to rumors, tensions are developing between Mbappe and PSG’s other super players, Neymar and Lionel Messi, despite PSG’s strong start in Ligue 1.

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After teammate Vitinha failed to pass him the ball during a counterattack earlier this month, Mbappe appeared to stop running, which angered fans.

But PSG’s boss Christophe Galtier downplayed the whole thing.

“Kylian played his last game three weeks ago, so I knew it was going to be tough on a physical level for him,” he remarked.

“He’s an adversary. A top footballer is not on and off like that; it takes some time to regain one’s full physical talents, and he wants to be good and he wants to be good quickly.

I can’t wait to see what he can do when he’s feeling 100 percent. These are the attackers, goal scorers, and goal scorers. It’s understandable that he feels inferior to his teammates because of his height.

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