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John Travolta Is Dating His Attorney Joelle Rich Wins in Court Months After Amber Heard Victory!

johnny depp dating lawyer

According to Page Six, Johnny Depp is dating Joelle Rich, the lawyer who defended him in his UK libel case against the Sun.

The divorce of the London-based lawyer, who is married but separated, may not yet have been finalized, according to the information we have. Earlier this summer, Depp, 59, ignited romance speculations with Camille Vasquez, another lawyer who successfully defended him in his US defamation case against his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Is Vasquez Called the Accusations Sexist and Unethical?

Vasquez, calling the accusations “sexist” and “unethical,” soon put an end to the rumors.

She admitted to People in June that she had a strong sense of loyalty to her clientele. But when I say “we,” I really mean the whole team, which of course includes Johnny. Vasquez noted that she had known the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor for four and a half years and had been his customer.

Additionally, the accusation is unethical. She continued, “It’s sexist. It’s regrettable and frustrating, but on the other hand, it sort of goes with the territory. I won’t claim that I was particularly surprised.

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Joelle Rich did not work on the US case as a lawyer, although she was reportedly in the courtroom.

The British lawyer, a mother of two, reportedly traveled to Virginia to express her “support” for the Oscar nominee.

Depp and Rich Would “Discreetly” Meet up In Hotels

According to a person who spoke to the publication, Depp and Rich would “discreetly” meet up in hotels at the beginning of their relationship because she had no professional need to be there.

When the relationship started is not exactly apparent. Depp’s representatives could not be contacted for comment.

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A number of the “Edward Scissorhands” actor’s ex-partners, besides Heard, appeared in court during the defamation case.

Kate Moss Made an Appearance as A Rebuttal Witness for Depp

On May 25, Kate Moss made an appearance as a rebuttal witness for Depp.

The supermodel, who dated the “Cry Baby” star from 1994 to 1998, refuted allegations that Depp threw her down some steps while they were dating in a virtual testimony.

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Ellen Barkin supported Heard, 36, though, stating in court that Depp had a history of violence and had even thrown a bottle of wine in her direction.

Depp’s unsuccessful 2020 lawsuit against the Sun also prompted Barkin, who had a brief relationship with Depp in 1994, to make a comment.

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