Is Zeta and Timmy Still Together and Which Love Island USA Couples Are Still Together?

Is Zeta and Timmy Still Together: Love Island USA season 4 was one of the more well-liked dating reality series in 2022. The show distinguished itself from others because it found a new home on Peacock and was “steamier,” as the streamer had promised.

The modest at heart blushed at a few different times, viewers recall. Love Island USA was the most-streamed unscripted original series on Peacock thanks to those moments and the up-and-down drama of the couples on the show.

Viewers are interested to see which cast members demonstrated their love could last outside of the lights and camera and is enduring in the real world, a few months after the season 4 reunion aired. We’ve got you covered there, though.

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Is Zeta and Timmy Still Together?

Timmy and Zeta were without a doubt the season 4’s king and queen. Viewers couldn’t help but notice the two had lots of chemistry from the start of their adventure on the program, and their distinctive banter was unrivaled. Timmy and Zeta were chosen as the victorious pair despite Bria and Jeff’s arrival at the island threatening to derail #Zimmy because their bond was just too strong.

Fans of the program may relax knowing that the duo is still together. Both share photos of one another on Instagram, and the pair is actually treating Love Island USA fans on YouTube by rewatching episodes from their season and commenting on them in a series of videos.

Is Jared and Kat Still Together?

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Is Jared and Kat Still Together?

Jared and Kat had the shortest amount of screen time together of any of the show couples on this list. They had just come to terms with their love for one another and were getting ready to leave the island. The couple revealed they were still dating after leaving the competition, though, at the reunion.

Unfortunately, the romance between these two fizzled quickly. Kat said in September that she and Jared had decided to part ways in order to give their relationship more attention.



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