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Are ‘Love is Blind’ Cast Barnett and Amber Still Together

Is Barnett and Amber Still Together

Is Barnett and Amber Still Together: On the first season of Love Is Blind, Amber Pike and Matt “Barnett” Barnett’s engagement was not without its challenges, but where does this fan-favorite couple stand today? The first season of Love Is Blind was an instant smash when it premiered in 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic, and Netflix has already renewed the show for a fifth season due to its rapidly expanding popularity.

The characters of Love Is Blind are only allowed to continue with the social experiment and meet face-to-face if they build relationships while separated in pods. Amber and Barnett were one of six engagements followed during the first season of Love Is Blind, and one of two couples to wed, along with Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton.

Although Barnett and Amber concluded season 1 of Love Is Blind as husband and wife, they were on the verge of separating at the very end. Amber and Barnett, like their Love, Is Blind co-stars Giannina GIbelli and Damian Powers, struggled to reconcile their lives following their engagement.

In addition, Jessica Batten, the antagonist of the first season, was initially attracted to Barnett, causing complications not only for Amber and Barnett but also for Jessica’s fiancé, Mark Cuevas. Despite the obstacles, Amber and Barnett wed in November 2018, and now it’s time to assess how the Love Is Blind season 1 character are doing four years later.

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Amber & Barnett’s Fourth Anniversary Is In November

In Love Is Blind, Amber and Barnett nearly did not make it down the aisle, but their decision to get married ultimately paid off. Amber and Barnett are still together in October 2022 and will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary on November 13. Amber and Barnett purchased their first home together in September 2021, and while both of their Instagram accounts are semi-private, they enjoy showcasing their relationship and international adventures online. Amber and Barnett have traveled to various countries since leaving Love Is Blind, including Peru, Italy, and Antigua.

Amber & Barnett Recently Attended Mark Cuevas’ Wedding

Amber and Barnett have not communicated with Jessica since their time on Love Is Blind, but they remain close with Lauren, Cameron, and Mark. Amber and Barnett went on a double date to Universal Studios in 2021 with Lauren and Cameron, and they have also dated Mark and his newlywed wife Aubrey.

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Barnett was also a member of Mark’s wedding party as a groomsman, although it is unknown whether Amber was a bridesmaid or simply a guest at Aubrey’s wedding. In any case, the first season of Love Is Blind successfully created two marriages and several close friendships. Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones, and Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson, the only two married couples on Love Is Blind, divorced in August.

The third season of Love Is Blind premiered its first four episodes on October 19, despite the fact that some individuals have begun to question whether or not the social experiment actually works. On season 3 of Love Is Blind, there are five engaged couples, and while some appear to be in jeopardy, fans are hoping at least one of them will ring the knot, like Lauren and Cameron and Amber and Barnett.

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