Is Alison Victoria Married? or She is Dating Someone?

Is Alison Victoria Married: According to rumors, television personality and well-known interior designer Alison Gramenos. She is well known for her DIY and home improvement initiatives. She not only does this, but she also owns and operates Victoria Interiors, an interior design company.

Victoria is also well known for appearing in numerous television programs, including Flipping Across America, Windy City Flip, and Windy City Rehab. She hosts television shows as well. Alison reportedly participated in Rock the Block as well.


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Is Alison Victoria Married?

After nearly 10 years of marriage, Alison Victoria and Luke Harding made the decision to divorce. As their relationship deteriorated over time, they made the decision to end it. Alison and Luke have been married since 2013. Luke works as an insurance agent.

They were really in love with one another at initially. They also have a daughter, whom they both claim to still adore despite their separation. The initial exchange between Luke and Alion took place online. They first exchanged words online when they first began to communicate.

They agreed to meet in person after communicating on the internet for some time, and they were together for two years. Because Victoria liked Harding so much, she purchased a home close by so they could communicate more.

As they got to know one another better, they made the decision to be married in order to further their love. Luke excelled throughout his professional life. When he proposed to his then-girlfriend, he got her a pricey ring. Their nuptials were a major event.

The TV celebrity and the insurance agent are never portrayed negatively in the media. They want to provide the finest care they can for their baby daughter. They had a very loving and romantic connection at initially, but as time went on, things started to go wrong, and eventually their marriage also.

Is Alison Victoria Married

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Is Alison Victoria Currently Dating Someone?

People have always found Alison Victoria’s love life to be fascinating. Since the news that she and her husband, Luke, are divorcing has gone viral, fans are curious as to whether she is back on the dating scene and whether she already has a boyfriend.

Michael Marks, a businessman who founded Cushman & Wakefield, and Alison are currently dating. This demonstrates that she has put her ex-husband behind her. The full history of how and when the couple began dating is still unknown to the media.

And before she revealed to the world that she was dating Mark, Alison allegedly dated a man by the name of Kenneth Wayne Johnson. She even shared a sweet photo of the two of them on Instagram along with a heartfelt birthday greeting.


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