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Is Christina Evangeline Dating: Christina Evangeline is seeing Chris Redd, who is also on Saturday Night Live

Christina Evangeline Dating: She used to be a model and started the company Evermore. She became well-known when she started dating Kenan.

She played a model in the 2015 movie Mini Supreme. She had worked at a couple of modeling agencies. In terms of her education, she has a Bachelor of Arts from the university. After she graduated, she worked at a few different jobs before deciding to become a model.

There are rumors that Christina worked as an Escort Girl and went by the name Krissy-NY, but there isn’t a lot of proof to back this up. She is the founder of Evermore right now, and she loves to help people who are in need. Evermore is a group where people who have lost someone or something can get together to help each other.

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Also, Christina does a lot of volunteer work for organizations in her community. She likes to spend a lot of her time helping out in the community and giving money to nonprofits. Over the years, she has worked with and given money to a number of organizations, such as.

The American Refugee Committee, The Cristian Rivera Foundation, Save the Children Federation, My Stuff Bags Foundation, and Evermore.

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Is Christina Evangeline Dating? 

Christina Evangeline started dating Kenan Thompson’s Saturday Night Live co-star Chris Redd just a few months after she broke up with Kenan Thompson.

Reports say that Redd and Evangeline became official partners in the last year and that there was no time apart or cheating. They have known each other for six years and have both been on Kenan’s sitcom, but they have only been friendly with each other.

Before Thompson asked Evangeline for a divorce in May, the couple had been living apart for a while. Also, Kenan is said to have moved on and is now dating someone else. Reports say that he knows about his ex’s relationship with Chris and that it doesn’t bother him.

Is Christina Evangeline Dating

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Christina Evangeline and Kenan Thompson

A few months ago, they told everyone that they were breaking up. Sources say that Thompson and his ex-wife have decided to share custody of their two children, 3-year-old Gianna and 7-year-old Georgia.

People in the know say that the couple had been officially co-parenting for almost a year, even though they lived on different coasts. People who know them well said that they “just grew apart, but can still be great friends.” They didn’t say why they broke up.




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