Are 90 Day Fiance Cast Kim and Usman Still Together?

Are Kim and Usman Still Together: SojaBoy confessed his feelings for Kimberly before their season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days aired on television, telling Entertainment Tonight in December 2021 that he loved her with “all my bones [and] my heart.”

Kimberly, according to the Bares All alum, was initially a great admirer of his and reached out to him directly via direct messaging before they agreed to meet face-to-face. He also talked about dating older women, telling the newspaper that his personality type is better associated with “someone who is going to offer me serenity.”

“Right now, I’m in love,” he added. “I adore Kimberly, I can say it in any language. I adore her. I’m not a bashful person. I’m not embarrassed. I am pleased to declare that I adore her. I truly adore her.”

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Are Kim and Usman Still Together

Are Kim and Usman Still Together?

While the couple’s love relationship did not appear to be promising after their comeback on season 7 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Kimberly revealed their breakup during the January 2023 tell-all.

“Done and done,” the native of San Diego told the broadcaster, Shaun Robinson. “However, we’re buddies. But we’re OK.” While she joked that she was willing to remain “friends with benefits” with Usman, she said she would honor Usman’s marriage because she was the one who “let him go.”

Although the pair declared during the special, which was taped in September 2022, that they were done for good, the 90 Day Fiancé alums appear to be on excellent terms and have even inspired reconciliation rumors.

“We can’t explain the relationship. “No phony love here,” Kimberly captioned a photo of the ex-couple from December 2022. In another post that month, Usman fuelled speculation that the couple had reconciled by adding, “My Queen and My Son,” alongside a photo of Kim and her son, Jamal Menzies.

Are Kim and Usman Still Together

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Did SojaBoy and Kim Engage?

When Kim proposed to them on an episode in November 2022, their relationship took a new turn. Soon after, they became engaged. Their joy, though, didn’t last long.

In a December 2022 episode, Kim learned that SojaBoy wanted to adopt his nephew after they had clashed over his having another wife. This was another challenge for the relationship. She agreed with the plan at first, but when she found out that the parents weren’t aware of SojaBoy’s scheme, she changed her mind.

Before Kim voiced her anger about SojaBoy not spending enough time with her when she sees him in Nigeria and said they “don’t even have sex,” the pair started to argue over the adoption. In response, SojaBoy said, “If you don’t understand why you are here, then pack your stuff and go back [to America],” refusing to accept responsibility for his actions.


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