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Are Aven Jones and Rachel Recchia Dating Now? Everything You Nedd to Know

The season 19 finale of ABC’s The Bachelorette is turning out to be very different from what fans thought it would be. Rachel Recchia took Aven Jones, Zach Shallcross, and Tino Franco to the last rose ceremony, but after part one of the finale, only Tino is still there. So, after the show, there was a lot of trouble between Rachel and Tino. Is there any chance that she and Aven will get back together?

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Are Aven Jones and Rachel Recchia Dating Now?

In the season 19 finale of “The Bachelorette,” Aven Jones went home, leaving only Tino Franco and Rachel Recchia. But according to The Bachelorette spoilers, Rachel and Tino don’t seem to be getting along anymore. Is it possible that Aven and Rachel will date now that the show is over?

Details about the real world During the “After the Final Rose” special, Steve said that Aven might try to ask Rachel out on a date. (BREAKING SPOILER NEWS): Tonight, Aven is at the ATFR, and after the show, he’s going to ask Rachel out on a date. Steve sent a tweet. “Rachel probably doesn’t know he’s there. I’m not sure I agree. Seems to be more about making Rachel happy at the end of the show, like when Tyler C. asked Hannah Brown on her ATFR.

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Are Aven Jones and Rachel Recchia Dating

With that in mind, we don’t think Aven and Rachel will get back together. Rachel wanted to get engaged by the end of the show, but Aven said he wasn’t 100% sure he wanted to get engaged to her. On the podcast The Bachelor Happy Hour, he talked more about how he felt.

“When I had enough time to sit there and take stock of myself and our relationship… I had some new feelings and ideas about how I was feeling,” Aven said. “… I wasn’t going to force her to agree to a plan I wasn’t fully behind at the time. I thought it wasn’t fair to her.”

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Are Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco Together?

Fans who watched the season 19 finale of The Bachelorette might think that Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco are still together. But spoilers for The Bachelorette show that’s not the case. Reality Steve says that Rachel and TIno broke up soon after getting engaged on the show. Rachel supposedly broke off her engagement and decided to date Tino instead, but Tino allegedly kissed another girl, which caused Rachel and Tino to break up.

Fans who watch the finale will be able to see how everything turns out in the Happy Couple weekend footage. It looks like Rachel is now single because of this. This could give Aven a chance, but we’ll have to see.



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