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Is 50 Cent and Ciara Dating? A Look Back at the Rumors About Ciara and 50 Cent

Is 50 Cent and Ciara Dating: Ciara and Russell Wilson seem to have the kind of love that most people only dream about. They go together so well that it’s hard to picture her with anyone else. But who can forget that Ciara was said to be dating rapper 50 Cent? When they worked together on the song “Can’t Leave em Alone,” sparks flew. However, they kept their relationship quiet, and Ciara was said to have denied dating the mogul at one point.

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Is 50 Cent and Ciara Dating?

Who can blame famous people if they prefer to keep their personal lives private? After working together on a song, rumours began to circulate that Ciara and 50 Cent dated for three years. The couple had a secretive connection, and neither one of them admitted they were dating the other.

While TMZ was reporting, “According to what we’ve heard, 50-year-old 50 and 21-year-old Ciara canoodled in a booth while the rest of the party kept watching over a single, enormous table across from them. Lovely and secluded! The 50’s gang was responsible for renaming Brentwood “Brentwood.

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They broke up after being together for three years. Rumor has it that the pop artist made an effort to revive their relationship, but the rapper-actor was already seeing Chelsea Handler. Chelsea explained that the reason she and 50 Cent broke up was because of a phone call 50 Cent made to her regarding his ex-girlfriend Ciara. On the Howard Stern show, the rapper verified Handler’s assertions.


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According to Madame Noir, “50 Cent” confirmed that the reason for his divorce from Handler was his affair with Ciara. In 50’s telling, Cici was perturbed to find that he was seeing Chelsea and made a bit of a scene before her appearance on Chelsea Lately.

50 told Stern that he had tried to forewarn Chelsea about the potential for conflict. This made Handler very angry. Despite Chelsea’s accusations, Ciara said the comedian “made her own story and breakdown of it all.”

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Both of Them Have Found Love Again

50 Cent has been linked to some of the most famous women in the business. The 45-year-old rapper is currently dating fitness trainer Jamira “Cuban Link” Haines. They’ve been together for a year and a half, and their relationship is still going strong. In 2020, there were rumors that 50 and his woman were going to break up, but they are still very much together.

Is 50 Cent and Ciara Dating

He got in trouble when he said he liked “exotic” women and called black women angry. 50 Cent said this on Young Money Radio, Lil Wayne’s show. He went on to say that his choice often got him into trouble with “angry black women.”

According to The Grio, the rapper said, “They get mad, they get angry. You see a lot of sisters and they’re like, “Oh, you’re f**king with this kind of girl?” He continued by saying, “That stuff is weird! This looks different from what you see every day in the hood.” People were upset by the rapper’s hurtful and degrading comments, and many social media users called him out on it, but he didn’t seem to care.




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