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xQc Controversy: xQc’s Twitch Ban History and Explanations!

Over the course of his Twitch career, xQc has been banned on multiple occasions, for reasons ranging from relatively minor to critically important.

Felix “xQc” Lengyel tends to stand out from the crowd because of his penchant for controversy, despite the fact that many internet content providers share this trait. The Twitch streamer has a history of causing trouble in the video game business, including a permanent suspension from League of Legends for using offensive language and causing tensions to rise in the Overwatch League while he was a professional player in the game.

Yet, xQc has found success on Twitch and is making a living from streaming video games. xQc has done really well for himself with about 10 million followers on the network and an average watch count of well over 10 thousand.

However, this is not to suggest that xQc has avoided banning Twitch. The opposite is true; he has been temporarily banned from Twitch numerous times for a wide variety of offenses. There appears to be a disconnect between the reasons xQc’s game accounts are banned and the reasons he gets banned from Twitch.

It’s possible that xQc’s numerous bans from Twitch have less to do with his gregarious nature than with the sheer number of times he’s accidentally broken the site’s rules. None of xQc’s bans from Twitch have stopped him from being a successful streamer, but they are nonetheless noteworthy events.

Overview of xQc’s Twitch Bans

xQc Controversy

The first ban on Lengyel occurred toward the end of 2019. After he viewed a YouTube video with the title “Safe for Work Porn,” in which the creator had drawn censoring art over sexual images for comedic effect, Twitch struck him down for three days. It’s true that this initial ban caused some uproar on Twitch at the time.

It raised discussions about Twitch’s inconsistent rule enforcement when another streamer just received a warning for watching the video on stream. About eight months later, he was banned again for the same reason. Another three-day suspension was issued to him in February of 2020 for a brief display of nudity during a stream of a suggestive spoof of Connect Four called Strip 4.

In terms of significance, the xQc prohibition in June 2020 was perhaps the least significant. xQc was suspended from Twitch for a short period of time after he was fooled into broadcasting a clip of two gorillas mating. However, xQc’s ban in November 2020 represents a watershed event in his career.

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xQc Controversy

xQc stream sniped another player during a Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout-themed Twitch Rivals competition. When Twitch found out, they took away all of xQc’s prizes and banned him from the platform for a week. The Twitch ban gave the broadcaster time to reflect on his behavior, and he later apologized to his viewers.

It wasn’t until July 2021 that xQc was banned again, following the controversy surrounding his Twitch Rivals stream. Even though xQc took all the necessary procedures to avoid a DMCA strike, he ran afoul of Twitch’s notoriously severe DMCA standards when he wanted to watch an Olympic event with his viewers while the Summer Olympics were in progress.

Later, when other streams were banned unexpectedly because of the Olympics, he vented his anger at the situation. Finally, xQc’s most recent ban from Twitch occurred in August 2021 for reasons that are currently unclear. Fans have speculated about possible possibilities, such as footage of xQc from the shoulder up while he stood in the shower, but the real assailant has yet to be identified.

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The Career of xQc Remains Secure

xQc Controversy

The only major rule xQc broke was during Twitch Rivals, but other than that, he’s been really good at staying within Twitch’s guidelines. Given the overall controversy surrounding his career, especially in light of Twitch’s gambling issues, that may come as a surprise to some.

He has a history of disciplinary issues, but as far as Twitch is concerned, he seems to be able to keep his temper in check and make sure his chat is having fun. Given how often xQc has been punished for minor infractions, it’s likely that he’ll get another temporary ban at some point. Millions of xQc’s admirers are dedicated to him, which will allow him to continue to succeed for a long time.



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