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Wes Moore Controversy: Wes Moore of Maryland responds to allegations that he failed to clarify his background during interviews

Wes Moore Controversy: Wes Moore, a candidate for governor of Maryland, replied on Friday to a WBFF-TV report on his military service history, which highlighted two previous instances of his failure to correct television interviewers who incorrectly stated that he had received a Bronze Star. Baltimore Democrat Moore told reporters on Friday that he has never lied to anyone about his past. He was questioned about it at a Bowie campaign event announcing U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, a Democrat from Prince George’s County, as his supporter in the run for governor.

According to the report on Baltimore’s Fox45 station, Moore was incorrectly referred to be a Bronze Star recipient twice by interviewers, Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central in 2010 and Gwen Ifill of PBS in 2008. Although Moore, an Army captain who fought in Afghanistan, did not personally claim to have gotten the distinction, he does not seem to have attempted to change the record in any of those situations.

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Wes Moore Controversy

The Bronze Star story

The Bronze Star story “pull[ed] together] a couple [of clips] where I did not correct the reporter or correct the interviewer,” according to Moore, who claimed on Friday that “desperate attacks” by unnamed political opponents are motivating stories casting doubt on his previous statements. Moore added that “hundreds of interviews that I have given” include clips like these.

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Moore said, “I stand by and am proud of everything I have ever said or written about my service. “I’m happy of the work we accomplished overseas, and I’m pleased to be a decorated combat veteran, which I think I merit,” Moore said he stood by his words in a decade of media appearances and a best-selling autobiography two weeks ago, dogged by questions about whether he embellished his childhood ties to Baltimore. Moore also said he stood by his words by failing to correct the false statements of others in a similar manner.



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