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Steve Harvey Controversy: Steve Harvey Attacks “Cancel Culture,” Claims PC Has “Killed Comedy”!

To promote his new ABC daytime courtroom series “Judge Steve Harvey,” Steve Harvey criticized the “cancel culture” at the Television Critics Association press tour. The TV host claimed that doing a comedy special in the current context would be impossible because “cancel culture” may result in the cancellation of his courtroom show and the end of his career.

The only way I can do one more special is if it’s near the end of my television career, Harvey stated, because else he would never do it. We’ve officially entered the “cancel culture. No comedian who relies on corporate funding may say whatever he likes onstage. It’s impossible for Chris Rock too. It’s not possible for Kevin Hart.

It is not possible for Cedric The Entertainer. DL Hughley is unable to. In order, I may run through the items. Dave Chappelle is the only performer who isn’t constrained by sponsors when delivering his jokes. To put it bluntly, he’s motivated by subscriptions.

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Steve Harvey Controversy

Chappelle’s Netflix special “The Closer” caused a stir last year with its anti-transgender remarks. Netflix did not remove the special from its streaming site or terminate its business partnership with the comedian despite the backlash. In the fall of this year, Chappelle will be a featured performer at the “Netflix Is a Joke” comedy festival that Netflix will host.

‘There’s no way I could have kept going as a stand-up comedian,’ Harvey said to the press. “Comedy is dead because of political correctness. Somebody’s feelings get bruised with every joke you make these days. But what the general public doesn’t realize is that a comedian’s joke must be about something in particular.

It needs to focus on a certain individual. Humor about puppies has to be limited. The punchline cannot always refer to bushes. Humans are the most hilarious fodder for humor, thus some of these jokes will have to focus on them. That means if I return, you won’t see me until I’m finished. Moreover, I’m not finished yet. I’d like to add on. Perhaps I could just label it “This Is It.”

On January 4, Harvey’s “Judge Steve Harvey” television show premiered.



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