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Stacey Dash Controversy: Stacey Dash believes she is still “not a feminist” and regrets her “arrogant” attitude toward Trump supporters

Stacey Dash Controversy: She believes that her vocal support for Donald Trump, which included dubious allegations about Barack Obama, a request to eliminate Black History Month, and admiration for Trump’s remarks about the 2017 neo-Nazi event in Charlottesville, has put her “in some kind of box” that she no longer belongs in. “I don’t dislike anyone; I’m not sure where it comes from,” she went on. “He is not President. So I’m going to give the president we now have a chance.”

Stacey Dash has always been vocal about her support for conservative groups and politicians, and she sparked controversy during her stint on Fox News, including a two-week ban after claiming then-President Obama “didn’t give an s—-” about terrorism. Following a four-month sabbatical from television, the network confirmed in early 2017 that her contract will not be extended.

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In the current political context

In the current political context, “Stacey would never work at Fox, for a news network, or as a news contributor,” according to Dash. Nonetheless, Dash continued in the Daily Mail story, “there are things that I am sorry about, things that I did say, that I should not have said them the way I said them.” “They were arrogant, proud, and enraged. And that’s who Stacey used to be, but that’s not who she is today. Stacey possesses compassion and sensitivity.”

Dash did not express sympathy for the ideology that drove conservatives to attack the United States Capitol on January 6. “I thought the Capitol riots were horrifying. When it happened, I thought to myself, ‘OK, I’m done.’ ‘I’m finished.’ “She recalled. “Because I oppose all forms of mindless violence. What happened on January 6 was both shocking and dumb.”

Stacey Dash Controversy

Dash’s reframe of her political ideas, however, may not be enough to salvage her Hollywood career, as she claims to have been “essentially blacklisted” since “being a Black conservative is not easy” in a liberal profession. Her political views have drew criticism from several performers over the years, most notably Vivica A. Fox and Gabrielle Union, who once claimed Dash was “a crazy person” without naming her.

Dash has subsequently explored projects that line more with her personal moral convictions, such as the forthcoming film Roe v Wade, which dramatizes the main Supreme Court abortion decision, after making light of her views during an unusual performance at the 2016 Oscars. Dash ascribed her position on the matter to God’s intervention when she pondered aborting her son, who is now in his thirties.

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She subsequently attributed her political views

She subsequently attributed her political views to her upbringing in “the ghetto” of the South Bronx, dealing with sexual assault as a kid, and early brushes with death (she saw her first dead corpse on the street when she was three).

“The street codes are pretty conservative,” she explained. “You’re a lamb for the slaughter if you’re not a hustler, if you don’t know how to hustle, how to make your money.” Dash, who has previously been in View from the Top and Renaissance Man, has indicated that, despite the backlash from her support for Trump, she aspires to restore her her career by portraying a superhero in an action picture.



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