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Squizzy Controversy: Squizzy, a popular YouTuber, is being accused of assaulting a former girlfriend.

Squizzy Controversy: Hyojin “Squizzy” Choi, a well-known Australian YouTuber, has been charged for physically and mentally assaulting his ex-partner Punk Duck. In a document dated July 19, he listed multiple incidents, one of which being an alleged attack in 2020.

With more than 1 million subscribers, Squizzy is one of Australia’s top YouTubers, thanks to their well-liked short cartoon films. However, they are currently under public scrutiny following major assault and abuse claims.

Squizzy’s ex-partner Punk Duck described the alleged abuse he endured from the well-known YouTuber in a dossier titled “my past with my abuser.” Although he entered the relationship with rose-colored glasses, he later understood there were warning signs of emotional abuse.

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The initial six months were rather uneventful. Sometimes they would reprimand me and use the old trick of “redirect anger you’re experiencing from unrelated matters to your spouse,” but I kept hearing that it will cease, so I believed it, Duck said.

Every time there would be a disagreement, it would be my responsibility in one of two ways: either I messed up or they caused the issue. I would make an effort to speak with them and explain how they injured me. immediately shifting towards emotional manipulation.

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However, in the beginning of 2020

However, in the beginning of 2020, things became violent. Punk Duck recalled the tale of how he and Squizzy got into a fight about installing a game on Steam, which resulted in them beating him “so hard…my head flew off the wall” while they were visiting Squizzy in Australia.

“I didn’t understand I was in an abusive relationship until this point. It was emotional for a year, and now it was physical. So I did what the majority of sane people would do: I freaked out.

Squizzy Controversy

“I rapidly recounted what had happened to one of our neighboring friends over the phone, and he saved my life. He immediately says yes when I ask if I may stay with him for the rest of my vacation. He instantly makes calls to their home for an ambulance and an Uber for me to travel to their place.

But as he was getting ready to depart, Squizzy allegedly entered and threatened to stab Punk Duck with a knife they had obtained as well as to stab themselves.

He added, “First they aim it at me

He added, “First they aim it at me, then at themselves. “They scrape up my arm very badly when I lunge to attempt to disarm them. When I finally managed to retrieve the knife, their mother entered the room. She starts yelling at Hyojin, calling them a drama queen, an attention whore, constantly doing this, and mentally ill, and then she turns around and walks away as if she hadn’t seen anything. Together with the ambulance, the cops arrive. After I explain what happened, they remove my companion.

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Punk Duck made the decision to pardon Squizzy in exchange for “things being better” despite the possibility of criminal prosecution. The biggest error of my life, he subsequently admitted, was forgiving them for this.

“Letting it slide essentially opened the door to every kind of textbook abuse you could think of. How the slightest inconvenience proves that I don’t love them, as they are continually threatening to commit suicide if I leave.

Squizzy and Punk Duck finally split up in 2021, but Punk Duck was afraid of them because “they are exceedingly vengeful.” The two stayed apart for a few weeks, but later in the year they ran into each other again, with Punk Duck stating that “the more I thought about my experience, the more afraid I was to have them this near to me.”

“Hyojin has apologized to me and informed me that they are seeking assistance when I brought this up to them directly. The apology occurred 24 hours after you called me juvenile, so while it is good to hear, I have trouble believing it. Let’s face it, it appears as though someone else penned it.

It comes after Squizzy issued an apology for a number of other scandals earlier in 2022, including using racial epithets while live streaming and creating NSFW artwork of a YouTuber who was underage. Squizzy has not yet addressed these accusations.



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