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Sienna Mae Controversy: In a new video, SIENNA MAE GOMEZ mocks “Cancel Culture” in the aftermath of sexual assault allegations

Sienna Mae Controversy

Sienna Mae Controversy: Allegations were made against the young star on May 30, 2021, when Mason Rizzo wrote on Twitter that “one of his best friends since kindergarten” had been verbally and sexually abused. Even though he didn’t give his name, TikTokker Jack Wright shared the note. Fans quickly began to think that the note was about Sienna and Jack.

Mason wrote on Twitter, “It’s hard for me to see a girl get praise after telling my best friend to kill himself and sexually assaulting him many times after he set boundaries, and then asking over and over again why “he doesn’t like you back.”

“She has also been mean to people in the past, both in high school and in LA. She cares more about getting more followers than spreading a positive message. Having a lot of followers shouldn’t be an excuse to treat people badly. Everyone should know the truth about her.”

Later, Jack’s twin brother, James Wright, defended him on social media, saying he couldn’t stand by and let Jack be made out to be the “bad guy.” The Wright brothers also put up cryptic TikTok videos that made references to Sienna’s bad behavior. After the accusations, Sienna took some time away from social media. She came back a few months later with a video saying that the claims against her were “absolutely false.” James replied to the video on Sienna’s Instagram story by telling her to “get help.”

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Sienna tried to deny the accusations, but when TikTokker Lachlan Hannemann posted a video showing evidence of her sexual misconduct, the controversy around her grew. The video was first posted on June 3, but it has since been taken down. It shows Jack sleeping on a couch while Sienna kisses and touches him. Sienna posted a second video in which she talked about the clip. She said that it was “normal” for her and Jack to kiss and that Jack was not out of it when the video was taken.

Jack and Sienna were both filming for Netflix’s reality show about The Hype House at this time. The first episode of the show aired earlier this month, but both teens were missing.

In a video, Jack Wright says that Sienna Mae Gomez sexually assaulted him.

In January 2022, not long after Sienna turned 18, Jack released an emotional video in which he said that Sienna had sexually assaulted him many times over the course of their friendship. He says that Sienna would always say she was sorry, promise it wouldn’t happen again, and say she was going to therapy. He says that Sienna took advantage of him when he was weak, like when he was drunk, because she knew where his limits were.

Jack also says that Sienna would always break into his house while he was sleeping, and when he woke up, she would be lying next to him with her hands down his pants. After Jack’s video, Sienna took another break from social media.

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On BFFs Podcast, Sienna Mae Gomez talks about what Jack Wright said about her.

After a month, Sienna tried to clear her name by going on the BFFs Podcast with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards. During the podcast, Sienna and her legal team denied the claims of sexual and verbal abuse, talked about how the video posted by Lachlan was fake, and confirmed that Jack’s camp is not taking any legal action against her.

Sienna said of her and Jack’s relationship, “I really, really love [Jack]. I’ve been in two long-term relationships before, and I thought, “This guy is the one. It’s this one. I was so happy about it. He liked making the content because it would get a lot of views. We both saw it as a business deal, but I was really into it, and he knew that. I think he also knew that he wasn’t. And that’s when everything went wrong.”

Sienna said that she talked to the person who posted the original video and tweet and asked, “You know that’s not true, so why are you talking about it on his behalf?” Throughout the episode, she said that stories had been taken out of context and that she hadn’t heard from Jack or any of his friends since the allegations came out.

People have had different reactions to Sienna’s return to social media. Many of her fans are happy to see that she’s back, but others think that her creator’s new video makes fun of the serious accusations that have been made against her. Sienna seems to be sticking to her claim that she did not violate Jack Wright, no matter what other people think.


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