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Ohmwrecker Controversy: Delirious Twitter Drama Explored by Ohmwrecker and H20

Ohmwrecker Controversy: On May 23, Keemster published a new video to his drama alert channel. In this episode, he discussed claims that were made regarding Vanoss Crew. Take a look at how the drama that erupted on Twitter involving Ryan Ohmwrecker and H20 Delirious played out in the following example.

Ohmwrecker has been at the center of all of the reactions that Vanoss Crew fans have posted on Twitter, and there has been a lot of them. The constant back-and-forth on Twitter has undoubtedly left a good number of supporters uncertain about what is taking place. The following is a synopsis of everything that has occurred on social media up to this point, along with an explanation of how the drama got started.

Keemster’s Drama Alert Video Explored

Ohmwrecker asserted that members of the Vanoss Crew have a history of exchanging sexually explicit images of women with one another. He said that Lui had provided him with this information, and the video allegedly included an audio clip of the alleged conversation. However, we were unable to verify the context of what was being said in the recording.

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Ohmwrecker Controversy

Ohmwrecker, as the film went, discussed how his close buddies had established H2O Delirious in 2013. Because of this event, part of his audio was shared without his permission. Ohmwrecker additionally asserted that the girl with whom H2O Delirious was interacting was a minor and that the other members of the group were aware of this fact as well.

Ohmwrecker and H20 Delirious Twitter Drama Explored

After the video, a few people questioned whether or not Ohmwrecker’s information was true. Ohmwrecker went to Twitter and said he had screenshots to show that this was true. A few minutes later, H20 Delirious broke his silence about the same thing and criticized Ohmwrecker.

“Screw Ohm, you manipulative piece of sh*t,” wrote H20 Delirious. He’s not as good as he says. All of his lies and tricks because two groups decided they didn’t want to play games with him. Markiplier, it is said, had the same thing happen to him. Jamie Pang, ask him why he cheated on his real-life girlfriend, which he likes to keep a secret.

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Ohmwrecker Controversy

He also talked about the claims that he talked to a girl who was too young to talk to him. He wrote, “I do want to talk about something that has been completely misrepresented. It’s something I’ve been ashamed of for a long time. And broke my trust for a long time. I didn’t want to talk about this at all.

I still don’t like it, but I have to. 9 years ago, two people thought it would be funny to haze me by doing something really bad. When I was in my early 20s, I was easily irritated and very rude.

Someone I had played Xbox with before told me in a message that they were only wearing a towel. This interested me and got my attention. The YouTuber also said that he didn’t know the girl personally and wasn’t sure if she was underage. Here, you can read his whole statement.

In another tweet, H20 Delirious said, “I’m currently trying to be happy, raise my child, and be a good parent, but Ohm was always sending me messages with crazy questions and paranoia, or blaming me for things that weren’t my game sessions. because people didn’t like him. And he does this…” Ohmwrecker hasn’t said anything else so far.



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