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Ned Fulmer Controversy: Twitter Responds in Surprise when The Explanation of The Ned Fulmer Alleged Cheating Incident Is Given!

These Guys Try Following a Reddit user’s assertion that Ned Fulmer had an extramarital affair with Ariel Fulmer, Ned Fulmer is facing intense anger on social media. The father of two is allegedly involved in an illicit relationship with Food Babies’ Alexandria Herring. This occurs after the YouTuber stopped participating in the team’s most recent efforts.

Which Sparked Reports that Fulmer Had Been Having an Affair with His Wife?

Reddit user hamilton390 said that he saw Ned Fulmer kissing another lady in a New York club, which sparked reports that Fulmer had been having an affair with his wife.

Fans of Food Babies observed that Herring’s fiancé Will Thayer had deleted all of their images together from his Instagram account and had shortly after made his account private. Additionally, according to a tweet from @camitwomeyy, YB, the senior editor of the Food Babies, unfollowed Herring and Fulmer on Instagram.

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It was noted on No They Didn’t that Thayer had made the claims of cheating on Reddit. The same has not, however, been verified. When fans saw that Ned Fulmer was absent from recent videos and podcasts of The Try Guys, the rumors of an affair only got worse. The 35-year-old was also absent from the video introductions on their YouTube account, as spotted by fans.

Associate Producer for The Try Guys Is Alexandria Herring.

Alexandria Herring, a native of Los Angeles, earned a degree in anthropology and communications from the University of Hawai’i. She later rose to the position of assistant producer for The Try Guys and joined the team of The Food Babies, who compete in food challenges with The Try Guys.

She first met the well-known YouTubers when they worked at Buzzfeed, before becoming a part of The Try Guys solo channel. For a series of videos promoting the film The Shallows, Herring collaborated with the ensemble. In an interview, she discussed her time spent working with them and stated:

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On Instagram, Alexandria Herring has accumulated more than 49.4k followers. She frequently promotes The Try Guys’ videos while showcasing her trips. She still has photos of herself and Will Thayer on her social media pages.

Reaction from Online Users to Ned Fulmer’s Suspected Infidelity with Wife Ariel

Ned Fulmer is known for being loyal to and adoring his wife in several of the group’s videos. It goes without saying that when the new accusations against him were announced, people were shocked. Many others compared him to Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5, who has recently faced a number of allegations of adultery.

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Others expressed their dissatisfaction with the member of The Try Guys and assaulted him online. It’s important to note that at the time this piece was written, neither Ned Fulmer nor his wife, Alexandria, had responded to the charges of adultery.



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