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Melanie Martinez Controversy: Has Anyone Lost Sight Of Melanie Martinez’s Alleged Rape Accusation?

The much-anticipated second album and movie from Melanie Martinez, K-12, have just been released, and both critics and fans have given them favorable reviews. But has everyone forgotten that Melanie was recently charged with rape?

To refresh your recollection, Timothy Heller, a former acquaintance of Melanie’s, came forward in December 2017 and claimed that Melanie had sexually assaulted her. Tweeted she

“I’ve kept this a secret for years, telling myself it didn’t matter and that it didn’t affect me. Accepting that my best buddy sexually assaulted me seems ridiculous. I found it difficult to say “no” to her as her influence over me grew.

Timothy goes into great detail about the two-night incident when Melanie pleaded with him to have sex with her and questioned her about her sexual orientation. Tim continually told Melanie no both nights, but the “Pity Party” singer persisted.

I just want to touch your boobs. She started negotiating with me. Sleep was all I wanted to do. I lay motionless and nonreactive in shock. She engaged in oral sex with me before forcibly penetrating me with a sex object. I refused. for two continuous nights. It made no difference that I didn’t struggle against the action. I was in a terrible place.

Melanie Martinez Controversy: Has Anyone Lost Sight Of Melanie Martinez's Alleged Rape Accusation?

Here’s the Instagram Post by littlebodybigheart

When Heller stood up, Martinez’s supporters flocked to her Twitter profile and started harassing and victimizing her. A member of Twitter stated.

“And even if it were true, you didn’t push her away from you. That’s your fault.

Others even questioned Timothy about whether or not she had any proof to back up her claims, which is a common gaslighting statement heard by survivors.

Melanie gave a succinct remark in response, saying,

“I am appalled and disturbed by Timothy Heller’s remarks and account. She and I had a great friendship in common. We endeavored to support one another. Dealing with our separate demons caused us both anguish. She never refused anything we decided to do as a couple. Even though we parted ways, I will always give her love and light.

Does Melanie honestly believe that she wanted to have sex with Timothy because he didn’t say “no”? We are all aware that inaction does not imply consent. Timothy repeatedly told her “no,” and it’s obvious from her memory of that night that Timothy was forced to say it.

Melanie Martinez Controversy: Has Anyone Lost Sight Of Melanie Martinez's Alleged Rape Accusation?

Then Melanie went a step further by not rebuking her supporters for assaulting Timothy and even thanking them for casting doubt on Timothy’s tale, supporting the idea that Timothy’s statement was untrue.

Sadly, this wasn’t the only instance where Melanie forced someone to have sex. A second victim and former friend Madeleine Carina shared her story on Twitter soon after Timothy came forward.

“Me and Mel experienced a similar (but not r*pe) incident. She pleaded with me repeatedly to sleep with her, and I eventually gave in. She exhausted me. I affirmed. But Timothy’s situation was different. I’ll stand beside @timothyheller all the way through.

Regardless of the harassment, Timothy had no remorse for speaking up. After sharing her experience, she stated:

The previous night was difficult, but I’d like to emphasize that I don’t regret speaking up, and that doesn’t imply you shouldn’t either. Just because something is difficult doesn’t make it wrong. Nobody should be forced into quiet, and I am aware that talking about this was a crucial step. Really guys.

Numerous influential people have been charged with rape and sexual assault in the recent years. Melanie is one of the 263 individuals listed since April 2017, according to Vox. Additionally, she is the lone woman.

Melanie Martinez Controversy: Has Anyone Lost Sight Of Melanie Martinez's Alleged Rape Accusation?

Not usually a female perpetrator comes to mind when we think about rape. Statistics are hard to get, and it’s rarely discussed. However, that does not imply that it never occurs. But Timothy was completely aware that even when it is discussed, it is not taken seriously.

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Timothy stated in a Newsweek interview,

“Her supporters view her as this angel who truly knows them, so I figured if I tried to explain what she did, nobody would take me seriously. I’ve been going through all the #metoo accounts, and while I undoubtedly appreciate those who are speaking out, I wasn’t sure if my account of being raped fit… Because she is not a man, I believe I have been rejecting my own experience for a long time.

Melanie never had to deal with many repercussions for her acts, in contrast to other people who have been accused of sexual assault. She was given the opportunity to take a break while working on her album rather than having her show cancelled. And now it appears as though the accusations never took place. Fans backed her when it was revealed in October of last year that she was finally releasing her album. A user posted,


She was informed by another,

Let’s leave that for 2017 instead.

What happened to victims like Madeleine and Timothy can never be “left behind.” While Timothy has been intimidated into silence, Melanie’s CD is quickly rising the charts. How can we expect further victims to come forward if their credibility is repeatedly questioned?

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Timothy and other survivors are frequently questioned about the veracity of their accounts and the reasons they didn’t act differently. Given the #MeToo movement’s current climate, it’s critical that we believe all survivors because fraudulent accusations are incredibly rare and only account for 2% of all allegations.

Just because Melanie isn’t an unpleasant old man shouldn’t give her a pass. She didn’t physically dominate her victims, but she wore them down mentally until she achieved what she wanted. We cannot choose which people to hold responsible based on how much we admire their artistic ability or because we find it difficult to imagine them committing such a horrific act. Love for an artist must be subordinated to believing in and assisting survivors.



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