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Melania Trump Jacket Controversy: First Lady Melania Trump Says “I Really Don’t Care” Jacket Was a Message!

A visit by First Lady Melania Trump to a facility housing migrant children prompted many to wonder why she wore a $39 jacket bearing the slogan “I really don’t care, do you?”

When Donald Trump went on his June trip, he said he was sending a message to the media.

However, her PR head had emphasized that it was “Only a Jacket.”

Mrs. Trump has finally answered our question by confirming that she was, in fact, trying to convey a message.

On June 21st, First Lady Trump made a trip to the New Hope Children’s Shelter in McAllen, Texas.

As part of the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance stance toward illegal immigration, the center housed 55 children, some of whom had been separated from their parents.

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Melania Trump Jacket Controversy

Even though she removed the contentious jacket before entering the center, she received criticism for wearing it on the way there and back.

Mrs. Trump’s spokeswoman insisted there was “No Hidden Message” in her choice to wear the jacket on that trip, despite significant speculation and criticism about the possible message Mrs. Trump was trying to send.

Clearly, she didn’t wear the coat to keep the kids warm during the flight; rather, she wore it to and off the aircraft.

“It was directed at the general public as well as the left-leaning media outlets who have been harsh in their criticism of me. I need to demonstrate my lack of concern for their opinions. You are free to voice any criticism you like. Though it won’t stop me from standing out for what I believe in.”

Mrs. Trump has said that the media is “Obsessed” with her wardrobe.

She added, “I would prefer they focus on what I do and on my projects than what I wear,” adding, “I frequently wonder, if I had not worn that jacket, if I will have so much media coverage.”

Mrs. Trump’s apparent stand has pleased her supporters, but opponents have seized on the fact that the admission has caught her staff in a lie and have criticized the timing of her message.

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Commentators are more inclined than ever to read hidden and not-so-hidden meanings into the First Lady’s wardrobe choices, which is sure to be a source of conjecture throughout the duration of her husband’s presidency.



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