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Maroon 5 Controversy: Adam Levine issues a public apology for the “terrible” Maroon 5 performance, saying, “I battled a lot.”

Maroon 5 Controversy

Maroon 5 Controversy: Following a contentious performance, Adam Levine is expressing regret. After Maroon 5 performed on Thursday night at the Via del Mar event in Chile, the band’s vocalist faced criticism from fans who felt his negative demeanor offended them. Levine apologized for his actions during the live performance, which he said was also carried on Chilean TV, on Friday via his Instagram story.

He exclaimed, “I’m so eager and passionate about concerts, about giving it my all and giving it the band’s all for you guys. “There were some things holding me back sonically last night and I let them get to me, which influenced how I was behaving onstage which was unprofessional, and I apologize for that,” the performer said.

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A representative for Levine told USA TODAY that the band ran into technical problems during their performance, including problems with the display and the in-ear monitors Levine used to hear himself sing.

According to Levine

His displeasure with the way he sounded was the cause of his negative attitude. I’ve battled a lot, and it may be incredibly challenging for me to hide the suffering at times, he admitted. And I’m sorry for disappointing you people with that.

Following several irate tweets from viewers, he apologized. Levine’s performance was characterized as “awful” and “completely angry” by users @Ptitsa A and @burrtrice, respectively. According to @burrtrice, Levine “not only did sing off-key and hesitantly but also walked out screaming everyone out.”

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Though Levine’s representative denied this, she said, “The band also started their set late.” Levine owes fans more, a user named @isaelaaa remarked. She said, “His attitude toward the fans who purchased tickets was rude.”

Even though Thursday night “wasn’t our best,” Levine concluded his apology by noting that Maroon 5 enjoys doing concerts in South America. The band’s next concert is on Friday night in Santiago, the Chilean capital, and there are seven more dates for them to play across South America after that.

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