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Letitia Wright Controversy: Must Continue to Fight for What You Believe”

Letitia Wright Controversy: Letitia Wright contemplates what she has learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Sunday at Kering’s Women in Motion dinner during the Cannes Film Festival, Variety asked the 28-year-old Black Panther: Wakanda Forever actor about her October 2021 return to Instagram after an almost year-long absence. The final post made by Wright on the platform was on November 30, 2020, before she went on break until October of the following year.

Letitia Wright Controversy

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She took a hiatus from social media shortly after retweeting a video opposing vaccinations. In her Sunday comments to Variety, the publication did not directly ask Wright about the anti-vaccine video, but she said, “I’ve learned that in life, you just have to keep going strong with what you believe in, in terms of your skill and your desire to touch the world with your work.” “This is precisely what I am doing, and I am extremely proud of myself and the film that will be out this year. I’m really pleased with it! “she further

Wright, who was supposedly injured on the set of Wakanda Forever in August 2021 and returned to production in January 2022, reposted an anti-vaccination video from the YouTube channel On The Table in December 2020. In the footage, host Tomi Arayomi made unfounded assertions concerning the hazards of COVID-19 vaccines.

After Wright tweeted

the video, which she has now deleted, several social media users criticised her post. One person tweeted, “This is a very reckless use of a platform,” while another added, “His opinions were backed by no proof.” Wright tweeted in response to the controversy surrounding her piece, “If you don’t conform to common opinion. But if you ask questions and think independently, you will be terminated.”

Letitia Wright Controversy

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In a subsequent tweet, she stated, “My purpose was not to injure anyone; my SOLE intention in releasing the video was to highlight my worries about what the vaccine contains and what we are putting into our bodies.” Nothing further

Wright’s first post after returning to Instagram was a Bible verse: “Weapons designed to attack you will fail; words spoken against you will have no effect.”




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