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Killstar Controversy: Is Killstar Fast Fashion, Sustainable, Or Ethical?

Killstar is a fast fashion brand that offers a wide variety of alternative fashion apparel, including lingerie, accessories, shoes, bags, and eyewear as well, much like how Internet was developing into an alternative mode of media aside from newspapers and television in the 2000s, and it was all thanks to internet and media.

Killstar is a popular fashion lifestyle brand that connects you with the ancient goth traceable in women of the medieval ages of the fourteenth and fifteenth-century Europe.

Tequila Star, the co-founder of the brand Killstar, was able to access the sex appeal and dark, witchy, but cool vibes she had always dreamed of feeling through her clothes but couldn’t find the right label for, so she decided to make one for herself thanks to the strong color statement found in Killstar’s goth apparel through the solid colors as well as animal prints with all tones of black! Just so you all know, Tequila has an unquenchable love for the dark arts.

Killstar Controversy: Is Killstar Fast Fashion, Sustainable, Or Ethical?

As the company adds a brand twist to its garments and has also grown popular for alternative fashion men’s apparel, the alt brand also enables its followers to access emotional power raw in their fabric’s “energy threads”!

Is Killstar Actually Moral?

Killstar can be scored poorly on the ethical scale and raises some extremely large red flags from the get-go for savvy and informed clients all around the world. While it advertises that it uses vegan leather and guarantees in its terms and conditions that its suppliers would treat workers in line with local labor regulations, the truth is quite different.

When it comes to being ethical and sustainable, other brands that are similar to Dolls Kill and Demonia are likewise rated poorly.

As an alternative fashion brand that has pledged to support causes like #stopAsianhate and #Blacklivesmatter in the wake of the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, as well as organizations like the World Federation for Mental Health, we’re going to demonstrate how Killstar falls short in these areas and instead becomes a fast-fashion company.

Why Does Killstar Cost So Much?

Killstar Controversy: Is Killstar Fast Fashion, Sustainable, Or Ethical?

Killstar is a fashion company that specializes in alternative clothes with a dark punk and gothic undertone. While there isn’t much to Killstar garments and other products like shoes, bags, accessories, etc., it is undeniable that Killstar is a fan favorite among alternative fashion fans.

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It’s no surprise that this fast-fashion brand makes a sizable amount of revenue considering that it purports to be vegan and cruelty-free and supports a fashion sense that defies convention and captures the youthful enthusiasm of Genz.

Labour Laws

Additionally, the Killstar production facilities are located in China, a country with lax labor rules and a history of violating human rights. According to Killstar’s terms and conditions, this does not meet the requirements for working hours, minimum salaries, good working conditions, and other employment obligations for its suppliers.

Killstar Controversy: Is Killstar Fast Fashion, Sustainable, Or Ethical?

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In order to prevent any future tragedies like the building collapse at the Rana Plaza garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which resulted in the deaths of approximately 1132 workers, Killstar has not signed any agreements guaranteeing the security and insurance of the labor of its suppliers, or if it has, those agreements lack documentation.

To this, add the issue surrounding Killstar’s alleged theft of designs from independent creators. There is always some truth to these “rumors,” even though they are just that. Behind the glitzy “member of the community” image, Killstar may be subject to additional examinations that we are unaware of.



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