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Judah Smith Church Controversy: Pastor Judah Smith says that it is a gift from God to be able to enjoy yourself sexually in a marriage

Judah Smith Church Controversy: A popular YouTuber named Ruslan KD recently brought back to light a video of a conversation between Chelsea and Judah Smith, a married couple who serve as lead pastors for Churchome in Kirkland, WA. In the video, Chelsea and Judah talk about the sexual desires of single people.

Churchome is known as the church where Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey go to church. Judah is on Bieber’s surprise Easter album for 2021, which is called “Freedom.” He also spoke briefly at one of Bieber’s concerts last July. Bieber says that Judah led him to Jesus and helped him change his life.

In the video, Ruslan KD breaks down a part of a 35-minute video in which Judah Smith talks about masturbation and calls it a “gift” from God when it’s done in a married relationship.

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The Smiths talked to each other live on Instagram over a year and a half ago. It was part of Chelsea’s “Marriage Monday” social media series about marriage. The video is called “A session for singles!” in the video’s description. We talk about wanting to be sexual, masturbating, and being alone. Wait for it, Judah even cries at the end.”

In the video, Chelsea told Judah, “Someone asked, ‘I’m single and I don’t want to have sex right now. Is it okay to please myself?” Before Judah answered, Chelsea gave a framework for the question by explaining the difference between absolutes in the Bible, community standards, and personal beliefs.

judah smith church controversy

The Church has a history

“The Church has a history, and what the Church teaches has a history, and certain communicators and teachers have a history. So, masturbation has a bit of a history in the Church,” Judah said.

Judah said that even though the Bible doesn’t talk about “personal sexual pleasure and masturbation” directly, it does talk about lust. The pastor explained why he didn’t use Old Testament passages by saying, “The Old Testament is a picture and a neon sign that shows us how much we need the Incarnation, which is the fullness of the Godhead coming together in Jesus.” So, the Old Testament tells us why we needed a new covenant and why Jesus is the fulfillment. The New Testament is now our guide to this.

Judah explained that lust is when someone thinks about having sex with someone they don’t have a covenant with. He went on to say that lust that leads to masturbation is “against what God wants.”

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Judah said, “But there is a way to give yourself physical pleasure and use it as a weapon to fight the urge to get sexually involved with someone and start crossing lines that hurt not only you but also other people.”

The pastor said that most Christians don’t agree with this point of view. He said that Dr. James Dobson, who started Focus on the Family and is a Christian psychologist, would disagree with his and Chelsea’s view on self-pleasure.



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