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Joe Buck Controversy: Who Claims that Fox Is Looking Into Who Leaked the Video?

How did the video of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman making light of a military flyover before the Packers-Buccaneers game in Week 6 become widely known?

Buck and Aikman weren’t caught on camera using a hot mic from a raw feed, unlike Thom Brennaman who shouted a homophobic slur during an MLB.TV broadcast. (Brennaman ultimately gave notice of his resignation as the Cincinnati Reds TV announcer.)

Raymond James Stadium Took Place During a Practice Session

Jimmy Traina of SI.com claims [h/t Larry Brown Sports] that the conversation following the flyover at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium took place during a practice session. No raw broadcast stream contained it. As a result, someone on the Fox staff secretly taped what Buck and Aikman said and leaked it to the media to damage the reputation of the network’s top NFL broadcast team.

(More precisely, Defector received the video. The video was “mailed in by a tipster,” according to Samar Kalaf’s post.

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Fox Is Looking Into the Matter Internally to Determine Who Released the Video

Traina noted that it’s probable Fox is looking into the matter internally to determine who released the video. Buck, who spoke about the subject on his podcast Daddy Issues with actor Oliver Hudson, corroborated that.

Hudson brought up the subject, perhaps in an effort to make fun of Buck for the unfavorable press attention he received. In his reply, Buck acknowledged that it would probably be best to refrain from commenting on the situation, but he nonetheless wished to outline the events that led to the events seen in the video, the context in which they occurred, and the manner in which the material came to be made public. They start talking about the flyover dispute around 21:55.

Hey, I’m Shocked that We Just Said That

What people don’t understand is that they claim that this was an open mic or a hot mic. It wasn’t, Buck said. This happened before our rehearsal. There was no “Oops, we’re on!” moment here. Hey, I’m shocked that we just said that. Oh my God, it’s time. That wasn’t the case. However, it doesn’t matter because websites that report on it pick up audio that has been clipped, thus it doesn’t matter in the reporting of it.

In order to ease the stress and lighten the mood, Buck continued by explaining the talks that frequently occur before a program goes live. In this instance, the words heard in the clip made reference to comments made the previous evening over dinner by a broadcast crew. Troy is relaying what he heard from an unidentified member of our crew the previous evening, said Buck, who was speaking into the microphone.

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This individual, who is extremely much to the left, asserts, “Oh, well, under Biden-Harris, that’s not going to happen! Troy was saying that aloud while observing the flyover. As a result, they cut that out, making it appear as though he is a supporter of Harris and Biden. He was being entirely sarcastic.

Aikman Addressed the Debate on Twitter Personally on Tuesday:

Buck then affirmed that Fox was looking into who leaked the video to Defector and that the footage in question will probably be linked to the person or people who were responsible for the audio and video at the time.

Buck predicted that individuals would be exposed. Because they were sprinting out of our truck and advancing the internal debate we were having, I personally believed that particular shot of the flyover to be old and a video. However, it was actually live. Not from Fox, that shot. They are aware of whose shot it was and where our audio was traveling at that precise moment. No TV broadcast was planned.

Buck reminded the audience that his family had a history of duty to underscore why he wouldn’t disparage the military. Buck’s father and grandpa both served in World War II, and they often told him about their experiences.

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When Broadcasters Attempt to Explain Such Incidents?

When broadcasters attempt to explain such incidents, they frequently come out as though they are making excuses, regretting the fact that their comments were captured on camera and made public rather than what was really said. However, Buck’s justification is believable given the background he presents.

And given how divisive a figure Buck is among sports fans, it is simpler to understand why he might be the subject of mockery. Here, confronting the issue head-on rather than waiting for it to disappear from the news cycle was the best course of action, especially given that Buck has a platform like his podcast through which to engage a community.



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