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Jeopardy Controversy Last Night: ‘Jeopardy!’ People slam Ken Jennings for allowing the champion to make his own corrections

Jeopardy Controversy Last Night: With Ken Jennings in charge, Jeopardy! began on Monday, September 12, and the new season has already produced some noteworthy moments.

The most recent issue occurred during the show that aired on Wednesday night when Jennings gave the current champion, Luigi de Guzman, a chance to correct himself after giving a poor response. Consequently, some viewers accused Jeopardy! G.O.A.T. of favoritism, which he had previously been charged with in relation to super-champion Mattea Roach.

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Jeopardy Controversy Last Night



This particular incident took place in the “Cons” category. Here is a classic early 19th-century landscape painted by this British painter, Jennings read the hint. Who are you, Constant? Guzman buzzed in with the response as the painting showed on the screen. “Say that again,” Jennings commanded, giving the Arlington, Virginia, lawyer the opportunity to restate his response.

This time, Guzman answered correctly by shaking his head and stating, “I’m sorry. The Constable is who? Constable.” When Jennings agreed with the response, Guzman’s tally rose to $6,200. Guzman went on to win the episode, making it his fourth straight triumph.

But not all of the show’s viewers were pleased with this. The man obviously gave the wrong name. When Ken prompted him to repeat, he gave the correct response after correcting himself. Why did Ken not simply say “wrong”? Why is this permitted? one viewer tweeted.

When fellow candidate Harriet Wagner did not receive the same leniency later in the episode, it infuriated viewers even more. Wagner reacted to a hint about a writer by asking, “Who is Angela LeGuin…sorry, Ursula LeGuin.” Jennings interjected, calling the response into question.

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Yes, Harriet, you knew that her name was Ursula, but when you started correcting yourself, I had already started judging against you, he said.

One fan complained about “the way they’re favoring Luigi on Jeopardy and letting him correct himself, but not allowing the same for others.” Others express similar opinions, noting, “Harriet would have a right to be upset when Luigi was allowed a correction. Theoretically, she might have been within striking distance.

Is Jeopardy fixed, wow! Another perplexed viewer questioned, “Why is Luigi permitted to rectify himself, but Harriet isn’t?”

One user who attended the episode’s filming said on the Jeopardy! Reddit site that the judges interrupted the action numerous times to examine Jennings’ calls more closely, but none of the results were reversed.




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