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HFPA Controversy: Knowing the HFPA Dispute and The Near Miss of the 2022 Golden Globes!

The 79th annual Golden Globe Awards will be presented on Sunday in a “private” ceremony, despite the Golden Globes’ current predicament.

But regardless of whether “Dune” or “King Richard” wins Best Motion Picture — Drama or “Licorice Pizza” or “West Side Story” wins Best Motion Picture — Musical/Comedy, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is the real winner for pulling off the awards after a year in which the Globes were at the center of some ugly controversy fed by the HFPA’s purported lack of diversity and unethical practices.

The situation did get so chaotic, in fact, that NBC severed its long-standing agreement to broadcast the ceremony, and celebrities like Tom Cruise mailed their three Globes back to the HFPA. Winners will be revealed via the Golden Globes website and social media, and the ceremony won’t be aired.

Here, we examine the practically complete breakdown of the 2022 Globes:

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association: What Is It?

According to the Golden Globes website, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, or HFPA, is a nonprofit group made up of journalists based in and around Los Angeles that covers the film industry for non-US publications. The HFPA’s origins date back to the 1940s.

hfpa controversy

Hfpa Dispute Begins with A La Times Exposé.

The HFPA was accused of self-dealing and other unethical practices in a February 2021 Los Angeles Times exposé, which also called into doubt the organization’s legitimacy. The 87 foreign journalists that vote on the Globes were also found to be devoid of any black members, according to the research.

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Time’s up Works to Eliminate All Black Membership from Hfpa.

Last February, Time’s Up started a campaign to express disapproval of the HFPA’s absence of black membership two days prior to the 2021 Golden Globes ceremony. Kerry Washington, Sterling K. Brown, Amy Schumer, Dakota Johnson, Laura Dern, and Ellen Pompeo were among those who backed the cause.

Helen Hoehne, vice president of the HFPA, said: “We acknowledge we have our own work to do. It is essential to have Black representation. In our company, there must be black journalists.

Hfpa Promises to Change After Facing Pressure.

The HFPA pledged to strengthen its diversity initiatives during the following 60 days in a statement they released in March 2021. By the end of the year, the group also committed to recruiting at least 13 black members. A public letter for organizational reform was signed by more than 100 international public relations firms.

hfpa controversy

The black Lives Matter Movement Is Denigrated by Hfpa Member Philip Berk

Former president and HFPA member Philip Berk referred to Black Lives Matter as a “racist hate movement” in an email he sent in April 2021. Berk was kicked out of the organization after receiving criticism from NBC.

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Boycotting the Globes

Wanting Xu, a journalist from China, and Diederik van Hoogstraten, a reporter from the Netherlands, both claim to have left the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization that organizes the Golden Globes because they were humiliated by it.

Secret sources claim that the tarnished Golden Globes “could not get a famous presenter.”

Netflix declared it would boycott the Golden Globes, despite the HFPA having unveiled a diversity reform strategy in May 2021 that placed a particular emphasis on enlisting, black members. WarnerMedia and Amazon Studios would then divulge their intended boycott strategies.

The 2022 Golden Globes Will Not Be Broadcast on NBC.

NBC declared that it would not carry the 2022 Golden Globes shortly after these boycott announcements. In a statement, NBC claimed that it “remains confident that the HFPA is committed to substantive reform.

” We absolutely believe that the HFPA needs time to do it right, but a change of this magnitude requires time and effort. We are optimistic that we will be able to screen the show in January 2023, provided that the organization follows through on its plan.

Board Members and New Bylaws for The Hfpa

Bylaw changes were approved by the HFPA in August 2021 in a vote to “codify steps that restructure the organization along the lines of inclusion, accountability, and ethics, and better responsiveness to the film industry and the diversity of world media.” The association elected a new board of directors members in addition to adopting new bylaws.

hfpa controversy

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The Globes Will Air, According to Hfpa.

The HFPA declared in October 2021 that the 2022 Golden Globes event would still take place on January 9 despite the ongoing controversy around NBC’s decision to not broadcast them.

Even though the HFPA has expanded with 21 new members, others, including actress Gabrielle Union, declined the offer. Snoop Dogg surprisingly unveiled the nominees for the awards on December 13.



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