Golden Globes Controversy: What Problems Will This Year’s Ceremony Have to Deal With?

Golden Globes Controversy: The Golden Globes 2022 are not having a good year, even though the gala is the event that starts the award season for movies and TV. The event that is often seen as a preview of what might happen at the Oscars might not happen after all. How come?

This award is in the middle of a controversy over the voting system of its members, who are accused of being bribed and having vested interests when choosing nominees and winners. This has caused them to lose all credibility, which is why there will be no TV coverage of the ceremony on January 9 after NBC said no. NBC is also worried about a boycott like the one some stars have already done at the Golden Globes.

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Why Are the Golden Globes Not Aired?

In February of this year, several members of the “Hollywood Foreign Press Association” (HFPA) were accused of not being honest with the prizes and being bribed with privileges. This was part of a series of scandals involving the “Hollywood Foreign Press Association,” which included NBC giving up the right to broadcast live on TV.

There hasn’t been an official announcement about what will happen with the Golden Globes yet. Even though the nominees have already been announced, it’s still not clear where they’ll be shown or if they’ll be shown at all.

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Golden Globes Controversy

Because of these controversies and claims that the “HFPA” lacks diversity and ethics, the boycott has grown stronger. Platforms and studios like Netflix and Amazon, as well as stars like Tom Cruise, Scarlett Johansson, and Mark Ruffalo, have decided to cut ties with the Golden Globes. Cruise even gave back three statues he had won in the past.

The Golden Globes have made some changes to try to get their good name back, but it doesn’t look like it’s been enough. The organizers have insisted that the gala go on, even if it can’t be broadcast. After many people have come and gone, there will be a ceremony that will be full of disappointments and will probably be the rarest in recent memory.



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