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Dilbert Controversy: Scott Adams Discusses How Being White Caused Me to Lose My Tv Show!

Scott Adams, the creator of “Dilbert,” claims he was a victim of racism. In particular, the Bay Area comic book creator has used social media to claim that his skin color has caused him to lose jobs—yes, several jobs.

The Pleasanton Resident Wrote on Twitter on June 28

The Pleasanton resident wrote on Twitter on June 28 that she “lost my TV show for being white when UPN decided it would focus on an African-American audience.” “That was the third job I had lost because of my race. (They explicitly informed me that the other two were in corporate America.)

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For whatever reason, Ahmed Best, who is best remembered for his roles as Jar Jar Binks in two “Star Wars” films, and who was himself commenting on a post from the Hollywood Reporter, tweeted something completely unrelated, and Adams responded with that.

Adams Is Making a Reference to The Two-Season

Adams is making a reference to the two-season, animated UPN television series “Dilbert,” which aired in January 1999. The Emmy-winning program allegedly enjoyed early ratings and critical success, but the second season saw a decline in audience.

Adams’ claims that the program was a victim of racism were promptly made fun of on Twitter.

Adams Reportedly Cited Low Viewership and Subpar Management.

One user claimed on Twitter that Adams’ most recent justification for the show’s cancellation was at odds with what he allegedly said in a 2006 interview with Ground Report. When asked about the TV show’s demise in that interview, Adams reportedly cited low viewership and subpar management.

dilbert controversy

He reportedly said, “It was on UPN, a network that not many people watch. Additionally, the time slot kept shifting due to management errors between the first and second seasons, which cost us, viewers. We were also supposed to watch Shasta McNasty, the worst television program ever.

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On TV, the number of individuals who saw the show before yours determines your audience to a 75% degree. That was our death. Others joined the chorus, criticizing Adams for exploiting the cancellation as an opportunity to play the race card:

Your Program on The Low-Quality Mini-Network Was Lackluster.

“Your program on the low-quality mini-network was lackluster. It would have been on a legitimate network with legitimate viewers if it had been any good. Due to your low numbers, you were rejected. The snowflake crap is inventing that it was “because I was white,” wrote @HereToResist. Some others used the occasion to criticize the Dilbert cast’s lack of diversity.

Perhaps it’s more your fault than theirs for casting such a predominately white cast of characters, @BriannaWu tweeted.

Adams Responded to That Comment as Follows:

“Do you know what occurs in a comic strip when white cartoonists introduce black characters? You would be knowledgeable if you did. Smith tweeted. Adams has a history of posting contentious statements on social media, such as a recent one in which she claimed that one well-known movie was to blame for the rise in Black Lives Matter demonstrations following the death of George Floyd.

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“I’ll wager that 90% of the demonstrators have seen The Joker. It is so strong and well-made that it bounces around and settles in, becoming your dominating default pattern of thought,” he tweeted.



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