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Daughters Band Controversy: Lingua Ignota accuses Alexis Marshall of assault; Marshall rejects the charges

Daughters Band Controversy: Kristin Hayter, a Lingua Ignota extreme-music artist, has accused Alexis Marshall, the leader of the noise-rock band Daughters, of rape, mental and sexual assault.

She stated in a statement that she and Marshall were a pair from July 2019 until this past June. “I was subjected to many sexual assaults/rapes in which I was totally penetrated while asleep without my consent,” she alleged. “Alexis got consent via trickery, manipulation, and coercion.”

Both musicians make transgressive, experimental music and have gained cult followings as well as critical recognition in recent years. Hayter’s music has been described as “survival anthems,” and her artwork exposes images of domestic abuse.

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According to Hayter’s Testimony

She provided consent to Marshall in certain cases because she was scared he would cheat on her or “get irate” if she didn’t. She claims Marshall injured her spine during a particularly violent sexual encounter and refused to stop when she urged him to. “I required surgery to correct this damage, a major lumbar disc herniation that caused an emergency condition known as Cauda Equina Syndrome, which threatened irreversible loss of bladder and bowel function,” she said. “Even though I was seriously hurt, Alexis continued to want frequent sexual care.”

Marshall was also accused of manipulating and gaslighting her, and his behavior allegedly increased after he attended a 12-step program. According to her testimony, she was so depressed that she tried suicide in December 2020. Marshall, she alleged, was unsupportive after that.

Daughters Band Controversy

“After our split, I learnt of Alexis’ lengthy history of predatory and abusive/exploitative conduct toward women, which is well-known in specific places and has been substantiated by several people, including a long-term ex-partner,” she stated in her statement. “These occurrences include workplace sexual misbehavior and sexual relationships with subordinates, sexual harassment, ultimatums, and sexual assault.” Several friends and female performers have told me about their unpleasant interactions with him. Alexis builds trust with vulnerable women before sexually exploiting them. “I discovered that this conduct persisted throughout our relationship and after he entered treatment.”

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In a response to Rolling Stone

In a response to Rolling Stone, Marshall denied Hayter’s charges. “I did not participate in any abusive conduct towards Kristin,” he claims. “Kristin is someone I loved and cared passionately for, but our relationship was harmful to both of us.” I can promise anyone reading this that I did not physically or emotionally abuse her. “I’m looking into legal possibilities.”

Hayter concluded her statement by stating that she is seeking counseling to alleviate the effects of the alleged assault. “My quality of life has considerably diminished as a result of this relationship,” she stated. “I experienced tremendous psychological and bodily harm.” I continue to perform physical therapy and am in intense therapy to tackle lingering difficulties with my spine.”



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