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Dante Bowe Controversy: Discusses Abuse and Making History at The Grammy Awards

The 64th Grammy Awards, which were scheduled to take place this month in Los Angeles, have been moved, according to the Recording Academy, to a new date and venue. The music awards show will now take place on April 3 in Las Vegas.

With many nominations in the Gospel and Christian genres, Christian musician Dante Bowe is making Grammy history at these awards as a solo artist.

Bowe Was Nominated for Three Solo Grammy Awards

Bowe was nominated for three solo Grammy Awards and two Grammy Awards for groups, including:

Voice of God and Joyful won Best Gospel Performance/Song two times each;

“Wait on You” by Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music won the award for best gospel performance/song;

dante bowe controversy

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“Jubilee: Juneteenth Edition” by Maverick City Music won the award for Best Gospel Album; and

Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music’s “Best Contemporary Christian Music Album” is a contender.

The Up-And-Coming Musician Spoke Candidly About the Dark Times in His Life

In a recent interview with CBN’s Studio Five, the up-and-coming musician spoke candidly about the dark times in his life, including the time he was sexually abused as a youngster and was left homeless before receiving housing in a trailer from a pastor. He claims, “In that trailer, I wrote a lot of my songs.” I had been singing for about six or seven years prior, trying to make a living as a musician, and I was feeling so down and miserable because I thought “this is never going to happen for me.”

dante bowe controversy

The astounding reversal over the past few years is proof that God has taken Bowe on a long journey. As a worship leader and Christian musician, he is currently celebrating the most impactful year of his career.

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“I just feel like I’m walking in the promises of God and all the things that my grandmom, my mom, and my dad spoke over to me when I was younger,” he said. “I just feel like it’s coming to pass, and I feel like I’m walking in these promises,” the speaker said.

The principal sources of Dante’s musical inspiration are discussed. “The grandparents are the main sources of inspiration for the worship materials. I believe I inherited that sound from them. I developed this worship because my grandma and I would listen to Yolanda Adams, Tye Tribbett, and CeCe Winans in the car.

I believe “Circles” had a lot of soul and R&B undertones since she would later start playing music by my parents, like Aretha Franklin and everything.” Major trauma has been a part of Bowe’s life, yet God has seen him through those trying times.

“Being sexually abused, being molested when I was young, and having to deal with my sexuality over that entire season. Even that in and of itself is crazy—the Lord carrying me through that. At the Dove Awards, my grandmother and I just brought up the subject. When we went to breakfast after I took my grandma to the Dove Awards, she said, “Ya know,” and we talked about it.”

“There Were a Few Occasions when I Did Question God, “why?

“There were a few occasions when I did question God, “Why?” I was asking God why He would let me experience this trauma since it had already occurred. That’s awful. The fallout is terrible. Of course, the deed is long, but the aftermath is longer still. Though He was with me and in a way assisted me in getting through it, I never really held Him accountable.” Not just that, though. He learned that his parents were drug dealers when he was a little child.

dante bowe controversy

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“Up until the age of 12, I was unaware that they were drug traffickers. What in the world, I thought as I just saw that. And when I was sixteen, they ultimately stopped. Every Sunday, I attended church. In the end, I was saved. My mother was saved when I was sixteen. When I was sixteen, we eventually studied the Bible together, and she encountered Jesus.”

Bowe Tells Cbn News He’s Come to Realize It’s All About God and That He’s Not in Charge of His Life.

“Who am I, I constantly found myself questioning God. Although I am chosen, called, and predestined spiritually, other than that, who am I practically to people? I doubt that I understand my impact or who I am. Even before the Grammys, I wasn’t aware of my influence. The Lord is simply demonstrating to me that he is in charge and that anything I want for your life will come to pass.”



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