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Dan Dakich Controversy: Gregg Doyel criticizes Dan Dakich for “disintegrating, right before our eyes.”

“I once witnessed Dakich at his finest. I no longer notice it. Although he is working to erase it and himself one horrifying act at a moment, his best is gone, replaced by the caricature he made and has become.”

The most recent Indianapolis Star article by Gregg Doyel on Dan Dakich is noteworthy for a variety of reasons. One is that this piece was even written; while though there has been much criticism of sports media characters over the years, including at this site, it is extremely rare to see one well-known media figure openly disparage another person with whom they have had a long-standing connection.

To Doyel’s credit, he fully describes his relationship with Dakich, including past compliments, sensitive topics they’ve discussed, a speaking engagement Dakich (seen above in 2018) once set up for him (in an effort to expand their speaker pairing), an offer Dakich (seen above) once made of a place to stay (which Doyel declined), and more. Doyel’s concluding critiques here are all the more severe as a result:

Dan Dakich Controversy: Gregg Doyel criticizes Dan Dakich for "disintegrating, right before our eyes."

He’s disintegrating, right before our eyes.

This is the story I never wanted to write, because once upon a time I saw the best in Dakich. I don’t see it anymore. His best is gone, replaced by the caricature he created and has become, though he’s in the process of erasing it, and himself, one appalling act at a time.

…Back to that Scottsburg rant, when Dakich said the Indiana town was full of “meth and AIDS and needles” and urged listeners to “take a dump” in Scottsburg. Dakich denied calling a kid “a meth head” last week, but an IndyStar reporter has a copy of the March 2020 audio and shared it on Twitter to set the record straight.

So is that why I’m writing this story, now? Honestly, yes. Because enough’s enough. Check that tweet from my colleague. See the replies, see how many local residents Dakich has gone after from his perch as an IU basketball coach-turned-radio host with 150,000 Twitter followers. That’s a fraction of the fights this spiteful bully has picked over the years. Enough.

Here is that tweet from the Star’s Dana Hunsinger Benbow in reaction to Dakich’s most recent tirade against the publication (for their correct reporting on the 10-year-old girl who left Ohio for an abortion in Indiana, despite strong backlash):

Dan Dakich Controversy: Gregg Doyel criticizes Dan Dakich for "disintegrating, right before our eyes."

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Here’s the Tweet by Dana HunsingerBenbow

There are a few things to bear in mind in this situation. One is that this debate over station-deleted audio is just the most recent instance in sports media. In an early-2017 investigation published at the defunct Deadspin (RIP), Kevin Draper and Nick Martin came close to obtaining the infamous alleged WFAN tapes of comments made by Mike Francesa and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo after 9/11, but they were unable to obtain the tapes containing the most upsetting alleged comments on a “loyalty oath,” which Craig Carton has since claimed were purposefully “deleted on orders from

This particular controversy in Scottsburg, Indiana is interesting because Dakich’s station attempted to sanitize the record, but Hunsinger Benbow downloaded the clip first and has since reposted it at the Star.

And this is undoubtedly a helpful reminder to always download inflammatory sports radio content. Many radio stations have demonstrated a weak commitment to keeping the history of what was broadcast on their airways, choosing instead to try and remove anything that would be embarrassing for them. Additionally, if Hunsinger Benbow hadn’t downloaded this, Dakich’s entire statement might not have been captured.

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According to Dakich generally, he now hosts two shows: one from 9 to 11 a.m. on Clay Travis’ Outkick and one from 12 to 3 p.m. on Indianapolis ESPN Radio affiliate 107.5 The Fan. He used to call normal college basketball games for ESPN, but since accepting the Outkick position last fall, he hasn’t done so. The Basketball Tournament, a summer event starring ex-college basketball players, is broadcast on ESPN, and he is a pundit for some of the broadcasts. Additionally, he organized a golf event on Monday and posted numerous tweets about “falsehoods” from the Star and the “liberal media” on Monday:

Here’s the Tweet by Dan Dakich

Here’s the another Tweet by Dan Dakich



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